Welcome to the ‘Coast Guard Boot Camp Blog!’

Welcome to the “Coast Guard Boot Camp Blog!”

This new blog is our latest effort to improve communication with those people critical to the success of Training Center Cape May and its missions. This blog will serve as another tool to help applicants prepare for boot camp, allow family and friends follow the progress of their recruits, and keep the community informed of our activities.

Capt. Bill Kelly, commanding officer of U.S. Coast Guard Training Center Cape May. Coast Guard photo.

Capt. Bill Kelly, commanding officer of U.S. Coast Guard Training Center Cape May. Coast Guard photo.

There are a number of “Categories” on the right-hand side of this site, which will help you find the information you’re looking for about Training Center Cape May. For instance, an applicant looking for information about physical preparation for basic training can click on “Physical Training.” A family member can click on the “Recruit Journals” to read first-hand accounts of the progress of their loved one’s company.

We encourage our new readers to explore our content and share your ideas using our commenting features, which were previously unavailable on our Recruit Journals. Also, please feel free to share our content on your own sites with your friends and family using the variety of “Share” options at the bottom of each blog. We hope you’ll add our blog to your RSS feed so you get the latest information about Training Center Cape May as it’s released.

This site is optimized for mobile viewing, so we hope that you’ll take our new blog with you where ever you go. Applicants can follow workouts from their mobile device at the gym or park while they train for the rigors of basic training. Loved ones can read Recruit Journals from their phone at work if they can’t wait to get home. The idea is you can take Training Center Cape May with you anywhere.

This is a new media for us, so please email us at TRACENPublicAffairs@uscg.mil or use the “Submit Ideas” link on the right-hand side of this screen to provide feedback on current content or future story ideas.

Thank you for your continued support. Semper Paratus!

Capt. Bill Kelly,
Commanding Officer
Training Center Cape May

16 Responses

  1. Elaine Miller says:

    Love that we get a bit of a glimps into our sons and daughters lives as they grow and read recruit journals.. having trouble finding what I saw before..maybe make it more user friendly thing..? tabs? box to click on.. that sort

  2. Donnette Parrott says:

    would really like to here something from recruits formed: july 30, 2013 graduate september 20, 2013 thank you

  3. Elaine Miller says:

    I was just slow sorry i get how to find it now!!.. donnette journals dont usually show up till like week three.. try to find your facebook group page if there is one by searching company name and number .. i found ours Quebec and its been very helpfull!

  4. DigitalDave55 says:

    Thank You Sir for the opportunity to glimpse into our sons & daughters lives during boot camp. The blog and other information that is provided is very much welcomed. Thanks Again & Go USCG!

  5. craig and tasha says:

    I can’t find my fiance group it’s Romeo189

  6. craig and tasha says:

    Can anyone explain to me the process. My coast gaurds man just went in on the 8th and I know it takes time but they say his grad date is May 30th. It’s says he has 5 days off after graduation then back to Cape may….why does it say this? We are not married yet and I have a million questions and little answers. Someone with experience please help!

  7. CWO Donnie Brzuska says:

    Dear Sir or Ma’am,
    Based on the report date provided, your Coast Guardsman most likely doesn’t have his or her orders yet; therefore, there’s no way of knowing where exactly they’ll be going following basic training until their fifth week of training. The transition into military life is difficult for both the new servicemember and his or her loved ones. We encourage you to join one of the many unofficial support groups on Facebook, and you’ll also have an opportunity to meet with the Guardian Spouses on graduation day. Also, you can find more family programs at . The most important thing you can do now is write your recruit regularly and provide as much support as possible. They are currently in the challenge of a lifetime. Thanks for your support, and welcome to the Coast Guard family. Semper Paratus.

    CWO Donnie Brzuska,
    Public Affairs Officer

  8. carrie ferrera says:

    I would sure love to see a post from my daughters unit, Whisky 189

  9. Jim Patton says:

    I went through Cape May in 1957 Mike 32. Did CG start company numbering over after that time. Some later vets claim lower co numbers

  10. Susan Turner says:

    They have posted since then ..Hope you saw the picture on FB of them standing in formation waiting for chow. It was posted today.

  11. SCOTT PARKER says:

    Is there going to be a posting from BRAVO 190 anytime soon?

  12. Margarite Grossman says:

    Will there be any posts from BRAVO 190 ?

  13. Barry Pittman says:

    we are anxiously waiting post from BRAVO 190

  14. Scotty Janet says:

    Is there an online archive of Basic Training company photos anywhere? Thee used to be a site called “Fred’s Place” but it seems to have disappeared. Thanks

  15. Greg Loiselle says:

    Looking for Echo 105 Pictures

  16. Lorie says:

    Do you post any photos of the recruits as they are going through basic training? We are looking for Gulf 191 pictures and video. Go U.S. Coast Guard!!!