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Capt. G. Todd Prestidge, commanding officer of U.S. Coast Guard Training Center Cape May

Capt. G. Todd Prestidge, commanding officer of U.S. Coast Guard Training Center Cape May

Welcome to the official blog of Training Center Cape May! Please add our site to your favorites and news feed. We’ll be bringing you some of the latest information on basic training preparation, training center news and insider information about our program beginning next week. In the mean time, please use the comment feature below to tell us what you’d like to read about or see at Training Center Cape May.  

Best of Tides,
Capt. G. Todd Prestidge
Commanding Officer
United States Coast Guard
Training Center Cape May

14 Responses

  1. Dianca Jones says:

    I would like to join. How do I go about getting started

  2. James R. Lecomte, USCG, Ret says:

    Someone needs to fix all of the links at . My son is planning to join when he completes college in the spring. We wanted to look at the current mental and physical requirements. Unfortunately the links on every webpage do not work. Every link, except this one, takes you to one of two pages that have basically the same information, but nothing related to that the link used to get you there. I would normally send this to the system administer or the webmaster but are no contacts listed. After serving for over 21 years and knowing the pride every coastie puts into everything they do this really surprises me.

  3. Donnie Brzuska says:

    We’re still updating content. You should start seeing more in the coming days.

    Please feel free to visit for a list of physical and mental requirements.

    Thanks for your service and Semper Paratus!

    CWO Donnie Brzuska,
    PAO TRACEN Cape May

  4. Donnie Brzuska says:

    Please visit or to find a recruiter near you.

    CWO Donnie Brzuska
    PAO, TRACEN Cape May

  5. Brian says:

    Good Morning!

    I have plans of joining the Coast Guards by the beginning of next year. I want to be ready for boot camp so I’ve been hitting with the gym with strength and cardio training. However, I do want to know what exactly I should be focusing on when it comes to pre boot camp training. Should I focus on how many push ups I can do? Or how many laps I can swim? Any information that will help me prepare for boot camp will be much appreciated!

  6. Andrew Pallotto says:

    Officer Tides ,
    My son ( new recruit) arrived yesterday Via Bradley Int. CT……what will the graduation date be ( August 15th or 22nd ?) ,
    How many family members can attend graduation ?
    di d I read correct…..the recruits have 5 days off after graduation then they leave for assignment ?
    Respectfully , AKP

  7. Sabrina Smart says:

    At what point in training do new recruits contact home with information as to where you can write them?

  8. Jess & Bubbas Mom says:

    Was wondering if anyone could give us some info on graduation activities? Is there anything for the families to be involved in prior to the scheduled graduation day ceremonies? Have heard that some other military branches graduations are a 3-4 day event for families.

  9. Therese Rice-Dietrich says:

    My son, Rob Dietrich, arrived Wednesday from Reno, NV. So proud he’s learning the traditions & skills of the USCG.

  10. Suzanne Thompson says:

    Capt. Prestidge,
    My son is a new recruit in the boot camp program at Cape May. He arrived at the base in N.J., this week.
    I’ve been reading many C.G. website pages offered to help educate and support families of the recruits. So much info. — it’s mind-boggling — but, definitely helpful. Lots of reading and learning to do, but I’m beginning to get a larger picture of this complex organization and the work my son has committed to; in order, to become part it.
    A question I have at this point in my son’s journey is —- What is the name of the company in which my son has been assigned for training? OR How/where do I locate that information on C.G. website?
    I’ve discovered the Recruit Journals page —- most helpful. But, I realize I will need to know the name of my son’s company so that, the information I’m reading is specific to his weekly experience, as expressed by someone in his company, or by him, as a writer.
    Hope this message hasn’t been too long a “read”. Any other communications, I send to you or anyone else, will intentionally be written with less content. Thank you, in advance, for any help you might offer resolving my concerns.
    Suzanne Thompson, a proud Recruit’s mom

  11. Suzanne Thompson says:

    Capt. Prestidge,
    I tried to send some “revisions” to the previous message in the post you received. Made some wording-mistakes —— Sorry.
    Also, wanted to ask — Which Friday will be my son’s graduation day — considering that he completes all tasks within the 8wk. time-frame?

  12. Rose k says:

    Hello all, I need some information regarding where to send mail to injured recruits during boot camp, our son got injured during his 2nd week and we don’t know where to send his mail,we hope to encourage him in his journey and recovery. Thank you in advance for any information

  13. Gage and Dalton's Mom says:

    Where do family members fly in to for graduation?

  14. Gage and Dalton's Mom says:

    My twins arrived on December 15th. When will I get information regarding sending them mail?