November 198 Recruit Journal Week 05

So week 05 started off with an interesting new twist. Our goal every morning was to wake up, do a quick roll call, and race across the base to the galley in less than 15 minutes. It sounds hard, but […]

Oscar 198 Recruit Journal Week 03

Monday, the beginning of Week 03, OSCAR – 198 attends their first Seamanship Class. We learned a lot about what is on the cutters, such as bits, chocks and stanchions. Of course it was just like every Monday. People in […]

Mike 198 Recruit Journal Week 06

Week 06 ended with a bang. Literally. Mike-198 learned about firearms and were able to put our knowledge to the test and take it to the range! The range was run by the Gunner’s Mates that instructed recruits through the […]

Lima 198 Recruit Journal Week 08

Week 08 definitely had its perks. We had plenty of fun singing sea shanties and marching cadences with our company commanders, learning new and fancy close order drill movements, and celebrating the traditional week 08 events. These traditions consisted of […]

November 198 Recruit Journal Week 04

Formed: March 03, 2020 Graduates: April 24, 2020 This week a lot happened for N-198. We are officially at the half way point here at TRACEN Cape May. The week started off pretty badly. We failed our close order drill […]

Oscar 198 Recruit Journal Week 02

Formed: March 17, 2020Graduates: May 08, 2020 OSCAR 198 checking in! We hope everyone is safe. Rest assured we are safe in training with the medical staff available to us 24 hours a day to ensure we are healthy enough to […]

Mike 198 Recruit Journal Week 05

Formed: February 25, 2020 Graduates: April 17, 2020 Another eventful week for Mike-198! Week 05 was search and rescue week, meaning from the moment we wake up, we have just under 15 minutes to do muster, change into the uniform […]

Mike 198 Recruit Journal Week 04

The air was thick with steam. I could feel the moisture pooling on my jacket as we stepped into the wet room which was awash with red light. Shadows flickered and danced across the faces of recruits as they stared […]

November 198 Recruit Journal Week 03

Well, week 03 has come to an end and we are rolling into week 04. This is when things are supposed to get more interesting. We have gone over a lot of the basics and now we are about to […]

Lima 198 Recruit Journal Week 06

Week 06 has been the biggest week for LIMA Company in many ways. We began checking off major requirements for graduation such as passing our physical fitness test, passing our live shooting test at the range and trying on our […]

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