Recruit Company Golf 188: Week 03

Formed: April 30, 2013
Graduate: June 21, 2012

12MAY13 Sunday Week 02

Divine hours put Golf company in a great mood today. Everyone seemed to be working together and sounding off. Today everyone sounded proud to be a part of G-188. Of course we had incentive training and FIRE, FIRE, FIRE, but we did good besides a few slip ups. We went for our first run as a company, to prepare for runs that we will have off base later in training. We are not ready to strut our stuff in public yet but at least we had some practice. Everybody seems excited about the upcoming runs around Cape May. Later in the day Golf started to lose some focus so we played a little game called “ eyes in the boat “. This game consists of recruits drawing a boat on a piece of tape then sticking it to the wall and yelling “ my eyes are in the boat “ while staring at the tiny drawing. We did this for probably 20 minutes or so as a reward for people looking around instead of staring straight ahead, avoiding eye contact with anyone who comes near you like civilians do. We ended up pulling it together by the end of the night, meeting one of the hardest deadlines, evening showers

13MAY13 Monday Week 03

Morning muster or role call in civilian speak, is no joined by morning runs around the parade field. The early morning runs are followed by Golf’s morning chow time where Golf company has rediscovered their appetites. Today saw Golf’s first survival drill in the pool where we each donned survival suits and learned protocol for at sea rescue. We had several classroom based learning evolutions today and even had a class on the benefits and drawbacks of the MGIB ( GI bill ). A lack of focus in the classroom was observed by our company commanders and lead to several rounds of incentive training for all of G-188. Each day we receive more instruction for our Manual of Arms test that is starting to loom on the horizon. The evening brought with it rack inspections and required knowledge questioning by our Section Commander and the Battalion Commander. Most of us passed the inspections but others did not fare so well. Monday saw Golf company lose a few shipmates to R.A.M.P. (Recruit Aptitude and Motivation Program) as well as gain a few new shipmates from other companies. All in all it was a day that brought us closer as a group and closer to 21JUN13.

14MAY13 Tuesday Week 03

FIRE, FIRE, FIRE! Resumed at reveille, today as Golf failed to meet several time objective on Monday. Today we also started standing watch at night without the assistance from a more senior company. Standing watch is an important element of recruit training here at Cape May because it will be an important part of our duties once in the fleet. A large portion of the day was spent in the classroom where we were given our introduction into Coast Guard history and important figures from the past. While Golf company is having difficulty pulling together as a team, signs of teamwork are starting to emerge. We are starting to understand that messages of teamwork and cohesion are not just friendly advice, they are absolute essentials.

15MAY13 Wednesday Week 03

Today started out much the same as the previous day had. The company was awakened at 0530 to do some early morning heart rate stimulation to ready us for one of our more disjointed days on the regiment. Golf-188 had teamwork problems from the beginning today. While we were trying to meet time objectives there were continuous lapses in our ability to listen and react as a unit. This issue came to a head during close order drill when Golf company performed a Left Flank instead of the Column movement that our Company Commander instructed. This caused the company to fall into disorder and resulted in large amounts of incentive training and remedial instruction. However all was not lost as we had classroom instruction to learn more about our new lives in the military. As a wise person once said “ nothing good comes easy “, well what comes next must be good because it sure hasn’t been easy.

16MAY13 Thursday Week 03

Two words can be used to describe today over yesterday, marked improvement. While it did start out with the usual incentive training things went on an upswing from there. After morning chow we had our second morning stationary bike work out, with the male and female recruits who peddled the furthest receiving a 05 minute phone call home. Today brought one of our more serious classes about the Military Code of Conduct, which regulates how a military member must act if taken prisoner by enemy forces. One of the brighter spots for Golf company was our first Seamanship class which helped us remember how amazing the things we will do after basic training will be. A big challenge for Golf will be marching in the graduation tomorrow for recruits who have completed training.

International Maritime Signal Flag Golf

International Maritime Signal Flag Golf

17MAY13 Friday Week 03

Almost another week down for Golf company! Today started out with a typical morning, FIRE, FIRE, FIRE. We woke up to our company commander yelling “ get up and get outside, FIRE, FIRE, FIRE “. Half asleep we threw on our shoes and ran outside, lined up, then began incentive training. It was one of the warmest days yet, which makes for a rough day of training in our navy blue Operational Dress Uniform. After incentive training we practiced marching for Delta companies graduation . Then came the graduation ,which seemed to give Golf company some inspiration which we badly needed. We have had some trouble pulling it together the last few days so it was a relief when we started sounding off as a group instead of  sounding like a bunch of individuals. Although we did a lot of incentive training, today was definitely a stepping stone. Let’s hope that we keep it up and continue to make progress from here.

18MAY13 Saturday Week 03

Today marked the return of Golf companies lead company commander. Needless to say, his return was commemorated by the familiar morning ritual. After incentive training and morning chow, the company headed over to Seamanship for a full day of classes on information of paramount importance in our future careers in the Coast Guard. The lessons included how to take over helm duties on a ship and how to perform lookout duties. After chow at Seamanship class we had a practical knot tying lesson and we were given time to practice our skills. The Golf 188 knot tying championship commenced. The competition inspired teamwork and provided much needed cohesion. Some of our shipmates got to comfortable during seamanship class and lost some military bearing which resulted in the whole company loosing sweat. While today had its low points it ended with us meeting our time objective before Taps. As our company commander says “ Tomorrow is another training day, clean slate”. Tomorrow is also divine hours, a welcome break, but also a huge chunk of time for uniform maintenance, boot shining, and studying.

Editor’s Note: This blog post was written by a recruit currently involved in Coast Guard basic training. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this Journal do not necessarily reflect those of Training Center Cape May, the U.S. Coast Guard or the federal government and are the sole opinion of the author. Recruit Journals are written by personnel in a high-stress environment with little time, so please excuse grammar and punctuation in the above article. The staff at Training Center Cape May do not edit the journals in any way to ensure authenticity of the content and messages.


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