Recruit Company Foxtrot 188: Week 06


Recruit Company Foxtrot 188: Week 06

International Maritime Signal Flag Foxtrot

International Maritime Signal Flag Foxtrot


Formed: April 16, 2013

Graduate: June 7, 2013




It was just another day for Foxtrot-188, early wake up, early chow, and some early classes. We are excited to start up the firefighting classes that gives us hands on training with the equipment and different classes of fire that we will run into while in the fleet. We did have a pretty intense work out today. We swam 750 meters as hard as we could, then immediately jumped on the bikes and kicked out an hour long session. The majority of the evening was spent fine tuning our manual of arms because we have both a company wide test and a presentation for the civilian’s tour this week. It started off rough but we got it together at the end and are ready to go. The night ended with evening routine where we get to take care of necessary business to keep us up to par for the next day

            It was kind of a slow Monday, but we know the heat is getting cranked up tomorrow so we all need to be prepared.


Foxtrot woke up this morning a bit sluggish and our Lead Company Commander was quick to point it out. We started the day preparing ourselves for our firefighting practical tomorrow. We learned how to quickly and properly throw on all of our gear. We also got to extinguish a simulated kitchen fire that we all put out with ease. Following lunch we had our Manual of Arms exam and scored a 9/10. Overall we were excited about the score but we know we can achieve a perfect score. After our Manual of Arms exam our motivation and intensity came roaring back and it showed during a weight session at the gym. Not only did we fly through the lifting circuit but we requested a bike workout after.

 Even though we had a slow start to the day we managed to finish on a high note and conclude what ended up being a good day.


Well, Foxtrot really did it this time. We did exactly what all of our Company Commanders told us not to do. We got lazy, complacent, and downright sloppy and our Company Commander was quick to give us a harsh reality check. Immediately following evening chow, we did nothing but remedial training until taps. We let our seniority go to our heads. We’ve worked this hard to get here, and we now need to finish out training strong instead of coasting through like we have been doing.

On a lighter note, we had a great morning in the fire training course. We put out a simulated fire, as an all-out firefighting team fully loaded in firefighting gear. It was awesome to get to use our hands and it definitely was an adrenaline rush.

The morale definitely took a hard hit today. If we continue to act like a forming company then we will be treated like a forming company. But if we can all come together and give this boot camp thing our all, then we will be right back to being that Foxtrot-188 we were just a few short days ago.


The morning began with haymakers still falling on Foxtrot. We were instructed to always have our sea bag on our back with everything we own in it whenever we walk around the regiment. Everyday joining the fleet seems to be more of a reality. We were issued our military I.D.s and got career counseling, also some of our shipmates made travel arrangements for our first duty stations. We were then shocked to find out our colors were taken away because of our stream of mistakes. Although the day was not a complete loss, because we got to let off some steam in the pugil stick fights which really brought the company back together again.

The team work that got us through search and rescue week is starting to show up again and it couldn’t have shown up at a better time, because when Foxtrot is firing on all cylinders no task is too great to conquer.

Today was a special day for Foxtrot as well as the entire regiment. Today the morning was spent doing graduation support for our shipmates in Echo Company. Their graduation means Foxtrot is the senior company on the regiment and is next in line for graduation. Following Echo’s graduation, most of the day was spent either preparing for on-base liberty, by pressing our uniforms or shining our shoes, or contacting our units, trying to get as much information as possible before going there.

            From week 01 every time a senior company graduates more responsibility has been placed on us. Now that we are the senior company it is up to us to set the example for all the companies behind us.


            Foxtrot has been looking forward to today since we have formed as company. Today we earned our on-base liberty. The morning began with a tour and a history lesson on the most heroic and daring men and women the Coast Guard has had. We toured the Joshua James exhibit which we are lucky enough to have as our main quarterdeck. He is considered to be the greatest lifesaver in Coast Guard history and is credited with 540 rescues. We then headed to the Douglas Munro exhibit and were filled in on the life of the only Medal of Honor recipientthe Coast Guard has had. We then split as a company. Some toured the small boat station in Cape May while others toured an 87’ Patrol boat and a 210’ cutter. It was awesome getting to see what our lives will be like, either ashore or afloat, in just a few more weeks. We then headed  to on-base liberty. Many shipmates went to the exchange and gourged themselves with candy and soft drinks. We then headed over to the harbor view club to pig out again on junk food. We all were able to call home and get to really talk to our friends and loved ones like normal people again. Everyone came back with their hearts lifted and minds at ease.  Tomorrow will be a challenge and hectic day, so we are grateful to have had such a break today.


Today was crazy day for Foxtrot. As with every Sunday we started this Sunday off with divine hours straight through lunch. As soon as lunch ended the day quickly overwhelmed us. We were overwhelmed not by training or required knowledge, but by preparations for the Sunset Parade. The Sunset Parade only comes along four times a year. Although we did not march in the parade like the other companies we were posted throughout the regiment doing other important support roles. However, before all of that we had a surprise evolution from the Battalion Commander. We were instructed to take everything we own out of our racks including our linins and stow them in our sea bags, along with putting everything out on the quarterdeck and tossing all of our cleaning supplies across the squad bay. We were given 50 minutes to have everything inspection ready. After that, we missed this time objective by 06 seconds but were still happy we were able to come together as a team.

            Although it was a hectic day, Foxtrot continues to grow as a team everyday.

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