Recruit Journal India 188: Week 03

Recruit Journal India Week: 03

Formed: May 14, 2013

Graduate: July 3, 2013


International Maritime Signal Flag

International Maritime Signal Flag India


         Just when we start thinking we are getting the hang of things, more and more stuff is getting thrown at us.  India Company is at a low time right now, both physically and mentally.  We are saying goodbye to a handful of shipmates who are departing for RAMP.  They will be there to prove themselves worthy and to uphold their military bearing.  As we are losing shipmates; we are gaining some as well. There are injuries occurring, mostly minor, but putting some recruit’s training to a halt.  It’s a stressful time to say the least.  

            On a positive note, our marching skills are improving.  Seaman Recruit Bridges is holding the reigns now.  For the marches to chow and class, Seaman Bridges calls the cadence.    Emotions are running high within the squad bays.  The ‘beatings’ continue, but at least now we know why and are looking for ways to make them stop.   


“I”ve always wanted a place of my own until Petty Officer Perez said to find some real estate.”-Seaman Recruit Rolland


Mornings seem to arrive sooner than usual.  After a long night of standing watch and rotating with shipmates, we wake up to the sight of Chief Fredrickson in the Indea-188 squad bay.  Our section commander led us all morning.  As we proceeded to do our habitual morning workout, the battalion commander and our section commander led us through a core strengthening workout.   As a company, we learn to start noticing the flaws of our self and our shipmates.  The struggle in each of our faces is a familiar sight.  We all laugh with each other and talk about our brain farts and mistakes that we make; it relieves the tension to see a smile. India-188 may be lacking awareness and preparation occasionally, but we are nothing shy of good spirit.  We all get in trouble as individuals, which is not out of the ordinary.  As a company now in week 03, we are slowly and surely getting in sync.  We pray as a company, get punished as a company and share great experiences as a company.  The morale as a whole is rising each and every day.  We all miss our families equally, and we all have our own specific reasons as t why we are here.  Remember, it is only 08 weeks.

            Midway through week 03, our company is still battling time objectives.  It is occasionally hit and miss when it comes to achieving them.  Our communication skills are getting there, and teamwork has become second nature.  We woke up to a beautiful morning, ran a lot, then stepped off for chow.  We have taken each day on one meat at a time.  We attended a course geared around Coast Guard roles and missions. The battalion officer, Lieutenant Herbst, taught us about advancement in the Coast Guard.  He informed us on how to achieve our dreams as a functioning member of the Coast Guard.  We followed up with a course on leave and liberty in the Coast Guard; important stuff to know.  WE gave our undivided attention to our company commanders on how to properly travel home. 

            As the week was coming to an end, we began our seamanship classes.  I think one reason fueling our will to carry on another day is because, well…we got our first paycheck Friday!

            After an early morning run with sideline motivation from Chief Fredreickson, the company was given a lengthy task to fulfill.  With about half of the company in other areas that morning, we managed to knock everything out.  India-188 lined up Oceanside with seconds to spare.  It was a great feeling to have been successful that morning.  WE fed off of that feeling for the rest of that morning.  Our main objective for Friday was seamanship.  We studied and took several exams.  Chief Fredrickson acknowledged that India-188 had a good day, which was excellent news to us all.  After dinner that evening, we worked on team building exercises which was somewhat fun, but physically demanding.  We are extremely exhausted and proud of ourselves.  We accomplished a lot so far.   

            Saturday was a tough day for India Company.  Our day started off rough by not making our daily time objectives.  The lesson behind the incentive training on Saturday such as, ‘Little Things.’  The smallest details can mean so much which is what we are getting drilled into our “skulls.” We were instructed to shine our boondockers while the rest of the company attended choir.  It was the most relaxing hour we’ve had all day, until our lead company commander got bored from watching us and made us exercise.  WE spent roughtly 08 hours at seamanship.  We learned to tie our 05 basic knots.  We did our first boat navigation simulation and had it down pat on the first attempt.  Others tried about 03 times to pass.  It was awesome to actually begin practical training.  I think I can speak for most of the company when I say that we would rather be anywhere except ‘home’ with nothing to do.  Our numbers have bounced as we have gained several recruits from hotel company.  There are reversions, records of counseling and hundreds of trackers happening; however, we are learning and giving 100% each day.


Recruit Journal by Seaman Recruit Bitoni and Seaman Recruit Bailey


Editor’s Note: This blog post was written by a recruit currently involved in Coast Guard basic training. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this Journal do not necessarily reflect those of Training Center Cape May, the U.S. Coast Guard or the federal government and are the sole opinion of the author. Recruit Journals are written by personnel in a high-stress environment with little time, so please excuse grammar and punctuation in the above article. The staff at Training Center Cape May do not edit the journals in any way to ensure authenticity of the content and messages.


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