Recruit Journal Kilo 188 Week: 02

Recruit Company Kilo 188 Week: 02

Formed: June 4, 2013

Graduate: July 26, 2013

International Maritime Signal Flag Kilo

International Maritime Signal Flag Kilo

It feels so strange to call it week 02; it seems like we have been at torture camp for a year. The emotional pains from missing family were in full effect this week. The initial shock of week 01 has passed, and now the main question is why the frick did I do this? And will it ever get easier? It appears we lost a valuable and dedicated shipmate to a knee injury. He really did everything he could do to tough it out. If he is unable to come back, he will be missed. We also got 06 new shipmates added to our company. Half of them are awesome, the other half have a chip on their shoulders that needs to be eaten, or trashed.
Overall this week felt like non-stop punishment and humiliation. We almost all know our required knowledge, but when in the heat of the stressful moment, we all choke up. For most of the week we did mostly physical training, with some basic military instruction. We learned about rates and ranks, so now we have the added stress of sounding off to more people whose pleasure is triggered by jacking us up. We also got the swim test over with, for those who passed. Just like our initial physical test, those who did not pass get another “special” class, but many civilians pay top dollar for these sessions, or they try to get fat enough to be on a reality show that you can drop a dozen donuts from your daily intake and lose triple digits.
It is incredible how many people came out of shape, or half try every physical fitness thing we do! I know I, and many shipmates, are excited to go home with newly chiseled frames, ready to kick butt.
In addition to slackers with fitness, we have some major dead weight around the company. They never make an objective, and are just lazy in general. We want to find their recruiter and say, “Thank you shipmate, thank you.” We were also introduced to our Section Commander, DCC Johnson. He seemed truly invested in our success and completion of this hell, but he called it basic training. Overall it was a positive week. We are starting to acclimate to our surroundings and what is expected of us. If we continue on the same learning curve, we might actually get some free time in week 03 to write loved ones.
We were introduced to RAMP this week, which is a very scary program designed to right your ship. We find out who our first victims are on Monday, we are all very nervous about it. It’s incredible how quickly we have adapted to the hygiene situation. We can now get 60 plus people to shower, shave, change, stow gear, and clean the squad bay in about 15-20 minutes.
Most of us took 20 minute showers back home! We started getting mail this week, which was a huge lift for many depressed shipmates. Our bodies all ache and we all seem to be catching an upper-respiratory infection—close quarters. But with all that, we are ready for week 03, but 26JUL13 more, which is starting to seem possible.

Recruit Journal by Seaman Recruit Bommer

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