Recruit Journal Golf 188 Week: 08

Recruit Journal Golf 188 Week: 08
Formed: April 30, 2013
Graduate: June 21, 2013

International Maritime Signal Flag Golf

International Maritime Signal Flag Golf

What a long strange trip it has been for recruit company Golf – 188 here at TRACEN Cape May. Over the last 07 weeks the company as a whole and shipmates individually, have taken tremendous strides toward being a productive member of the fleet.

Our individual growth, as well as our ability to work as a team was tested repeatedly during the final week of training. Much of the week was taken up with administrative time, last minute uniform repair or replacement, trips to the exchange to gather needed items or to access the ATM, and various other tasks.

We had several debriefs (conversations) with different members of our Chain of Command including Chief Johnson (Section Commander), Captain Prestige (Commanding Officer), and later in the week with Master Chief Berry (Battalion Commander).

The company took and passed our required knowledge final with Master Chief Berry on Wednesday, and is still on track to earn the Battalion Commander Pennant, which would make a welcome addition to the pennants we have already earned.

As for all the shipmates, as much as we have appreciated our time here at TRACEN Cape May, we are more than ready to see family, friends, and the entrance to the base in our rear view mirrors. As we prepare for graduation Friday, and for reporting to our new stations at the end of the following week, Golf – 188 looks completely different from the group of civilians who stepped off of the bus 02 months ago.

The last 08 have given us many things that we will carry throughout our Coast Guard careers. Whether that be, 04 years or 30 years, each and every member of Golf is ready to have a positive impact on the oldest, greatest and most storied branch of the United States Armed Forces.
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