Recruit Journal India 188 Week: 06

Recruit Journal India 188 Week:06
Formed:May 14, 2013
Graduate: July 3, 2013

International Maritime Signal Flag

International Maritime Signal Flag India

Another week in the books for India-188. Most of ya’ll are probably thinking that we are just breezing by, but that is not the case at all. India was faced with a hard time to begin the week. Out of the 22 people we have in our company, 08 of us were sent to R.A.M.P.

It was tough to grasp the fact that we were about to all be faced with the hardest obstacle of our entire recruit training, and none of us were looking forward to it. R.A.M.P stands for Recruit Aptitude Motivational Program. It is a program designed to push recruits to their breaking points physically and mentally, then see if they have the motivation and strength to not give up.

India went there together with the goal of leaving together, and that is exactly what happened. All 08 of us returned back to Munro, a little broken and sore, but we passed the hardest obstacle anyone could throw at us. It was an extremely emotional 04 days. All of our sights were set on just being able to go back to the company, and that was our fuel for returning.

Golf-188 has graduated and as the week 06 company, we set up and break down the event. It was great to see civilians wandering around. You can kind of get your mind off the whole uniform and military lifestyle we wake up to every morning. The company was all over base all day. We did a swim circuit and ran the Munro mile.

As the week closed, we made our way down to the harbor. We took a tour of the USCGC Dependable, which gave us all insight and what to expect when we arrive to our first units.

A couple permanent party members as well as our company commanders briefed us on living conditions and what is expected while underway. After we saw a couple more vessels, we made our way back to the house and we were granted our on base liberty.
The half of us that were still on base headed down to the Exchange and ate our weight in candy and junk food. Talking to our families was probably the greatest feeling for all of us that afternoon.
The food they served at the Harbor View was all fried and excellent. We all slept good that night and were ready to start the new week. It won’t be too long till we have our off base liberty and will be granted our phones again. We cannot wait to contact our friends and family once again before graduation.
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