Recruit Journal Juliet 188 Week: 05

Recruit Journal Juliet 188 Week: 05
Formed: May 21, 2013
Graduate: July 12, 2013

International Maritime Signal Flag

International Maritime Signal Flag

Week 05 is what they call here at Cape May SAR (Search and Rescue) week. Basically what makes this week different from previous weeks is that we were required to get up in the morning, get dressed, and be at the galley by 0545; we had 15 minutes to accomplish this time objective every morning. Thankfully, we have improved on getting ready faster and met our time objectives.
It was obvious this week was taking a toll on everyone because more and more of my shipmates were standing in the back of the classrooms to keep from falling asleep. Also, this week we started going for jogs as a company around the base singing fun cadences made up by our company commanders. We all like one’s cadence better than the other but I’m not going to say who.
On the weekends we will get to run off base which is something all of my shipmates are looking forward to. Pictures will be taken and posted on facebook so make sure you check it out! Mother Nature is still having mood swings but it has been nice the last few days.
The rest of the company got their Dress Uniforms. Before walking into the Uniform Distribution Center to get fitted, one of my shipmates said, “Time to look sexy.” I think we all agree we look very sharp in our uniforms.
Those of us who are going active duty still have not received their orders. The anticipation is unbearable and they hope to receive them early next week. On Friday, which was a beautiful day, we finally got the chance to march in a graduation which took place outside.
Seeing our senior company graduate was a great motivator to keep us strong and remember we only have three weeks left until that will be us standing in front of our chain of command with our family and friends cheering and congratulating us on a great accomplishment we have achieved.
Saturday was an event filled day. In the morning our mentor arrived and spent most of the day with us. He answered all of our questions, gave us good advice, had chow with us, and accompanied us on the Confidence Course.
The Confidence Course was more challenging than we thought it would be. It consisted mainly of using upper body strength to climb up walls, swing around bars, and jump over logs, and climb up a rope and ring the bell at the top to signal you have completed the course. Some of us did not get the chance to participate because we were chosen to march in the Veteran’s Memorial Parade at Wildwood. It was great to get off base and march in our first parade.
The crowd cheered, whistled, and complimented us on how sharp we all looked as we marched by. Some veteran’s even saluted us. Marching in the parade made us realize how fortunate we are to get the chance to be a part of such a great service which comes with receiving the upmost respect and pride we would never have received if we did not make the wise decision to join the Coast Guard.

Only three more weeks to go. We can do it! Juliet-188!

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