Recruit Journal Lima 188: Week 07


International Maritime Signal Flag Lima

International Maritime Signal Flag Lima

Week 07 Summary

I have been staring at a blank piece of paper for about 15 minutes trying to decide how to summarize week 07, and there is just no way to do it. This week has been up, down, and all around repeated about 03 times. This week was just craziness, but in the end it all turned out well. The week started without our colors once again, we then lost 04 shipmates to MIKE Company for sitting down in the head after we were all pretty down and upset. The next day we were given a Cape May “pep” talk and a fresh start by our Company Commanders and we got our colors back. The next day we FINALLY got our privilege to eat dessert and drink coffee because everyone had FINALLY passed the physical fitness requirements. Everyone was on a sugar and on cloud nine. Thursday was awesome thanks to the confidence course. Before we started we thought it would take our confidence away, but somehow we finished with little bloodshed. It was nice to see everyone cheering each other on and smiling. I think the best part was when one of our shipmates was struggling and we were all encouraging her to face her fear. Petrty Officer Torres kept encouraging her and would not letr her giver up on herself. Petty Officer Grube just looked at her and with his monotone voice said “you should have been done by now.” It’s funny to see that they are different but it’s reassuring to us that they both care about our success. Then finally it was Friday. It was the beginning to the final countdown. We went to graduation and watched our older brother KILO Company graduate. It was a glimpse into our future. Then at the end of it as they graduated from basic training we graduated to the senior company and things changed. We had signed our orders on Thursday and now that we were the senior company we were ready to be the bee’s knees. Saturday put the cherry on top of our week. We did our close order drill test and scored extremely well. We then got released outside of the gates and got crazy. By crazy I mean normal to most standards. We ate so much food, I don’t know if there was a single recruit that didn’t regret cutting their but so short. We all shopped and spent our well earned money on silly unnecessary items which we already regret buying. We went to the movies, after we had to research what half of them were to begin with, and the best part was talking to our friends and family who would be seeing us in 06 days anyways, when we got back we got to crack a few jokes with our Section Commander, but the second after he left we locked it up and got ourselves ready to go. We have a few days and we are out of here. Lima may not have had a good reputation two weeks ago, but we will when we leave.

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