Recruit Journal Quebec 188 Week: 02

Recruit Journal Quebec 188 Week: 02
Formed: July 23, 2013
Graduate: September 13, 2013

International Maritime Signal Flag Quebec

International Maritime Signal Flag Quebec

If I had to choose one word to describe today, it would be painful. I have never sweat so much before in my entire life. Today we learned a lot about discipline and our muscles hate us for not ever having enough of it. We did not complain about it much though. I think we all realize how important it is to use our power and fight through muscle fatigue in order to save lives in the real world. We all have big hearts and are all united in that we want to save lives and serve our country. Right now we just have to get out bodies up to par. I can probably describe tomorrow. We are all going to be sore. Today was defiantly the most challenging, it surprisingly went by faster than any other day. I hope every other day goes by fast. I hope we can all stay motivated. Our company commanders have not shown any glimpse of humanity. They give us countless time objectives that seem impossible and then make us sweat when we fail them. Although it seems like we will never make it, this system is making us come together as a team and work together. Please keep sending us letters to keep our spirits up.
Today started out as usual; Fire! Fire! Fire! The shock factor is wearing off about fire drills, but they still get us going. Today we received a giant shock. RAMP or the Recruit Aptitude and Motivational Program. This is a program that recruits are put into that are not performing at the week of training they are currently in. The RAMP recruits came into our squadbay wearing life vests and demonstrated a small portion of what RAMP does. It looked like we were watching a scene from a horror movie. I am not sure if all week 02 companies are shown this or if we are that terrible and needed it. Either way, it was an effective motivator. The entire first part of today was horrible. We were not changing into our uniforms fast enough. And kept failing our time objectives. Every person was in a terrible mood and discouraged. After the RAMP demonstration, we met with the chaplain. We discussed how to come together and work as a company. It put a lot of things in perspective. It’s been a crazy roller coaster ride and its only been a few days. Our voices are gone and we are exhausted. We can’t wait to get this all over with.
This afternoon, we marched in our first regimental graduation. Graduations are held here every week. Quebec-188 along with other companies stood and watched as LIMA-188 graduated. They looked great in their uniforms. It made us excited and proud to see all of the families. It seems like our graduation date is an eternity away. We received a new shipmate today from a senior week of training. Reversions are when recruits are sent back weeks in training for various reasons. That is a scary thought for all of us. Today was another rough day. It was about 95% punishment. We spent hours running remedial drills like right facing, screaming at the top of our lungs and hold our pieces until muscle failure. A piece is the rifle we were issued. It all felt very unproductive. Our company commanders keep telling us that if we perform to their standards, they will continue to train us. But if we do not, they will have to continue to correct our deficiencies. Quebec-188 keeps learning the hard way. I hope we can come together as a team soon and move forward with training.
This week is finally coming to an end. It has had numerous ups and downs. Today was an up day. We practiced manual of arms with our pieces. We marched around a lot with them outside. Coast Guard Day is tomorrow and we are all preparing to march in the parade. After that, we learned how to properly clean our squadbays and heads. There is so much to wipe down, clean, sweep and swab. We are given 20 minutes to clean it all up. We did not meet that time objective. Even so, I enjoyed doing this because it required us to delegate with and help identify each other’s strengths and weaknesses and how to compensate for each other. This evening, Quebec-188 messed up pretty bad when our racks were inspected. Nothing was put away the way it was supposed to be. So our company commanders made us pack up all of our belongings in our sea bags. We then took our bags to another part of the building and could only take one item at a time back to the rack to put it away properly. This took us forever and we were all sweating after the drill. It was a great lesson and showed us how to be organized. Not only that, but our fitness test is coming up. I know these drills will help us all pass the test. We have also began to start standing watching in the building throughout the night. Our first watches have been over the past few days. We stand and do security rounds of the building for a one hour shift per night. It makes us realize that we are one step further to earning our colors and graduating.

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