Recruit Company Quebec 188 Week: 03

Recruit Company Quebec 188 Week: 03
Formed: July 23, 2013
Graduate: September 13, 2013

International Maritime Signal Flag Quebec

International Maritime Signal Flag Quebec

04AUG13 Sunday Week 02

We finally made it to the end of week 02! According to the stress index guide in our Coast Guard Helmsman, the worst is behind us. Not everything around here goes by the book, so we will not be letting our guards down. Every Sunday we have divine hours from 0800 to 1300 that we can use to go to church, study, iron our uniforms, and organize. These hours fly by way too fast. No matter how much time we get to do something, whether its 30 seconds or five hours, it’s never enough. Quebec Company has learned a few things this week: first, we can do everything quickly and accurately the first time or spend hours doing it repeatedly until we are soaked in sweat. Second, there isn’t a single thing anyone can get away with, be it a tiny piece of paper under a rack or the number of ink stick’s (pens) in our pockets. I would not be shocked to learn that our Company Commanders have x-ray vision or telepathic powers. Third, we discovered a weakness we did not know we had. We can study and memorize all of our required knowledge, but when put on the spot by a Company Commander that is screaming and demanding an instant response our minds go completely blank and we turn into deer in the head lights. Most of us know all of our required knowledge but buckle under pressure. This evening we marched in a sunset parade. I love seeing civilians here because usually I completely forget that an outside world exists. One of our shipmates decided to quit today. It was shocking to me; I can’t imagine who wouldn’t want to be a Coast Guardsmen. I suppose it’s not for everyone.

05AUG13 Monday Week 03

We have a whole new list of things to study and learn, mostly about our pieces (rifle, 9.5lbs demilitarized M-1 torture device). Sunrise this morning was breathtaking, which makes the early morning exercise a little more bearable. It’s the little things that pull us through each day; the skies, random bunnies everywhere, the smell of boot polish. We spent the afternoon marching and practicing movements with our piece. We got another shipmate today from a company two weeks ahead of us. Eight females that were getting ready to graduate got reverted today for improperly stowing their laundry! NO ONE IS SAFE! Several of us were selected to attend RAMP (recruit aptitude and motivational program); it’s where recruits go to get better. The mail has really started coming in the last few days. I received my first letter and it was extremely hard to read. I teared up reading a simple letter and felt silly until I looked around and saw everyone else doing the same thing. We all miss our families, so keep the mail coming.

06AUG13 Tuesday Week 03

Today was the best day Quebec has had so far. We worked out this morning and spent most of the afternoon in the classrooms, which is a nice break from the usual butt kicking. We had a boot shining study session where we sat on the deck (floor) shined our boots and yelled out required knowledge. We gained two more shipmates from other companies and lost one original Quebec member to Romeo Company. The week 08 company shares a deck with us, they are getting ready to graduate and when we see them we let out our little sighs of jealousy. Their Company Commander yelled at one of my shipmates for being too close to one of his recruits. “GET AWAY FROM WEEK 08 RECRUITS BEFORE YOU GET YOUR STINK ON HIM”. One of the harder things in boot camp is not laughing at the things that come out of our Company Commanders.

07AUG13 Wednesday Week 03

Today we received even more shipmates that were reverted from Papa Company. The company chemistry has changed with all the people coming and going, but I think for the better. I feel like we are really starting to click. Yes, we are still messing a lot of things up but it’s apparent that we are starting to unite. All of the pieces are here we are just scrambling to put them all together. This evening the chaplain came to our squad bays. He shares current events with us and other news from the outside world. His visits every week really help lift our spirits. We can only get better from here.

08AUG13 Thursday Week 03

Today was rough, we received even more reverted shipmates and we are not all on the same page anymore. The new people made a lot of mistakes because they were not accustomed to our Company Commanders attention to detail. Our Company Commanders accept nothing less than perfection, so all the new shipmates pose a problem for the original Quebec members, but we are the ones responsible for getting them acclimated. We started seamanship classes today which were very exciting. We are finally learning about boats, knot tying, and other useful skills that we will use at our first units.

09AUG13 Friday Week 03

Today we continued seamanship classes which are always fun. Some of my shipmates and I went to choir practice this evening. I like it because it’s funny to see a room full of recruits singing instead of yelling, and way off key from weeks of yelling. We were allowed some extra time this evening to clean and work on our uniforms which usually means we were not all that terrible since we were not doing tons of pushups. Hopefully we can stay on this upswing. Week 04 should be a nice change if we can just survive the weekend.

10AUG13 Saturday Week 03

We spent the entire day in seamanship. This evening we met with our company mentor for the first time. His name is Capt. Maine and he is close to retiring. We all shared information about ourselves and asked tons of questions about life in the Coast Guard. He gave us lots of great advice about how to survive boot camp and the importance of teamwork. As easy as the concept may seem, something about 35 people from all over the country in boot camp and trying to work together is not so easy. This is much different than a class project, cheerleading squad, football team, or any idea of teamwork that you can come up with. This is 02 months of 24/7 teamwork. This is constantly pushing yourself and your shipmates to improve and reinforcing all of the weak links. We are getting there day by day.

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