What is Physical Fitness Hold?

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By Chief Warrant Officer Donnie Brzuska

The Coast Guard is one of the most selective armed services and recruits the most qualified applicants; therefore, we expect applicants to arrive ready and motivated for the intense opportunity known as Coast Guard recruit training.

All recruits will be required to pass a basic physical fitness assessment in order to form with their company in their first week of training. If a recruit fails to pass, he or she will be placed in Physical Fitness Hold for no more than 28 days until the recruit can pass the fitness assessment. A recruit in Physical Fitness Hold will not form with a company until he or she can pass the physical fitness assessment, which will delay their graduation. Physical Fitness Hold gives a recruit four more opportunities to pass the test, which increases their readiness for the rigors of training.

A recruit who fails to pass the physical fitness assessment within 28 days will be discharged from the service with an uncharacterized discharge.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to self administer the fitness assessment prior to shipping to Training Center Cape May to ensure they are capable of passing.

Please click here for more information on the Physical Fitness Assessment and its requirements.

Remember, it’s not JUST 8 weeks.  It’s the challenge and opportunity of a lifetime. Come Ready.

Important note: Please consult a physician prior to beginning any exercise regimen or program.  Be safe.