Recruit Company Oscar 188 Week: 04

Recruit Company Oscar 188 Week: 04

Formed: July 9, 2013
Graduate: August 30, 2013


International Maritime Signal Flag Oscar

International Maritime Signal Flag Oscar

The can of sardines finally exploded. By that we mean, the company split into two groups to make going to class easier, as well as helping the company feel more independent. They divided us into port and starboard sides.
Starboard side took a colors class today. Learning how to proudly hoist the colors. Afterwards, they marched while maneuvering manual of arms with the company commander school. Tiring, but productive.
Port side marched all the way down to the armory, which is about a mile or two away from the regiment. This is where the pistol simulator took place. Using a Sig Sauer 40 caliber, the port side of the company got a little taste of firearms safety and the closest thing to firing a pistol. Not to forget learning the proper nomenclature and how to disassemble and reassemble the pistol.
Tomorrow both sides will switch roles. On to better and stronger days, with 30 days remaining.

“Dreams are for sleeping, goals are for achieving.”
These experiences in boot camp are helping us understand ourselves and our goals. The classes, drills, remedial, and exercises are meant to push us to our absolute limits. This determines who will be able to handle the stress of a life-or-death situation. Not only life-or-death situations, but life in general. Everything they drill into our minds here, we can take with us and use in the Coast Guard or not. Leadership skills, responsibility, integrity, and owning up to your mistakes are a few characteristics that have been increasing inside most of us. Boot camp might be hard now, but in the end we will be glad that we pushed through and stayed committed.
We are strong as one, but stronger as many.
29 days remaining.

March march march, run run run! Today was our physical fitness test. We were all surprised to see how much we have improved since we arrived here. The hardest part was the run. Sun blazing down on our muscles still sore from all our incentive training sessions and day to day running around like crazies. Its good to see our changes, and it makes us all more positive of what we are all trying to accomplish. No one said it would be easy. In the end we all know that it will be worth the sweat and tears shed to the deck. But not all was about kicking and screaming. We all learned today about all the different jobs we could do or would want. Some of us still have a clear goal, some changed their mind or are now just confused and conflicted with all the choices. But time is running out, tomorrow is the day we fill out our dream sheets. Tonight we will all be anxious and thinking about what’s the best choice. Big choices await us, but like everything else we will go through it together, even covering our laughs by coughing whenever our company commander says something humorous. Things like that make us feel more caring towards our days here and our awesome “teachers”.
In the end, it’s the little things that help you climb the steepest mountains.
28 days remaining.

When we woke up this morning, it all felt like a normal day, until we entered the class where we filled out our dream sheets. Everything that we have been doing paperwork, running around, and pushing the earth for is starting to actually happen. It all happened rather quickly. It could be considered a “rip the band-aid off” type situation. As for others, they had theirs all completed before the instructor finished telling us what to do.
We should be getting our orders next Thursday or Friday. That day will change a lot of things. Hopefully putting a “pep” in our step.
More random, inspirational, and learning experiences to come!
27 days remaining.

Success is the word of the day. Midterm exam done and over with, now to prepare for everything else! Company moral has improved greatly in these past few days. Some of us feel that getting more responsibility and being involved in different things gave us a sense of independence. We still get our chains yanked, but it’s all to be expected.
Fridays are the days for graduation. I must say Oscar-188 did pretty good this time, especially compared to last week’s pass and review. Even though it was really hot, it felt good knowing that we’ll be standing there soon.

To add to the success, we met all of our time objectives today. That has been a tough goal for us to reach. Hopefully we can keep it up! We are starting to see that our company commanders are actually here to help us and not just here to be big scary bears. It’s a rather unexpected change, so to speak.
Oscar-188 locking it up. 26 days remaining.

Today was a pretty exciting day for Oscar-188. We did the pugil sticks battle today. Which is basically fighting with giant foam Q-tips while wearing a helmet, chest protection and a groin protector. The company really bonded over this, including the company commanders with the company. Shipmate versus same sex, relative height shipmate. Everyone was cheering and screaming for the shipmate on their side.
Fighting with pugil sticks is not easy. You pretty much have to modify any fighting skills you have. That’s the funny part. Then you start trying really hard to get a good hit in and just hope it works. This is definitely an event where people surprise you with what they can do.
Our company is becoming more efficient and closer to that “well-oiled-machine” that our company commanders want us to be. Together we all passed our midterm with an overall score of 96.8, earning the yellow ribbon. Also we all passed our firearms class, earning the black ribbon. We’re working hard to receive all the ribbons. The next ones will be for the blood drive and then seamanship.
That’s all for now. Oscar-188 signing our. 25 days remaining.

Divine hours are truly holy for all of us in Oscar company. Writing letters home, getting our things “squared” away, taking a break from the madness we have come to accept.
One would think 5 hours would be enough time for everything but here in boot camp time flies fast. At the end of divine hours we had our company run. The company was taken around the regiment, through dirt roads that gave us a nice view of bay where some Coast Guard cutters could be seen and admired.
Another proud event that took place today was the sunset parade for the Coast Guard’s 223rd birthday. The whole battalion had their pieces to conduct manual of arms as our Battalion Commander screamed out the commands. As you’ll see in our graduation, we did the pass and review, which is for the companies in training still. It’s a little nerve racking, to be honest. The whole company marching in front of the entire chain of command. It is a pretty cool Coast Guard tradition.
Tomorrow starts week 05. This means our training takes a significant turn. Required knowledge is a must. The first part of boot camp was very demanding in the physical area (not saying it’s not still that way), this is the part that tests our minds. How well we can focus and memorize things and spit them back out verbatim at the top of our lungs. Hopefully no good shipmates fall from the company. Everything will work itself out the way it’s supposed to.
Oscar-188 locking it up. 24 days remaining.
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