Recruit Journal Romeo 188 Week: 03

Recruit Journal Romeo 188 Week: 03
Formed: July 30, 2013
Graduate: September 20, 2013


Aug 12. Romeo had a full day of up/downs. We were able to start the morning off with a run around the base. We then booked it over to the pool where we took a class on how to put on our survival suits if we ever have to abandon ship in the field. We also signed up for our GI Bills (Government Issue Bill) and the evening was topped off with a visit from our Section Commander. He went through all of our racks and asked us required knowledge.

Some of our shipmates were sent to a program called R.A.M.P. which is basically a way to motivate you to do well by having you do physical activities. So that was sad to see some of our shipmates leave. Those who passed the inspection were ecstatic and moral was good in the squad bay.

We are finally starting to work as a team and helping each other out. We finished off the evening with Petty Officer Milligan teaching us some basic maneuvers with our pieces. It was nice to have a day full of classes where we actually learned practical things we would use in the field and we finally feel like we are part of the Coast Guard.

Aug 13. Romeo-188 had classes on the history of the Coast Guard and one of benefits for both ourselves and our dependants which is quite exciting because a lot of our shipmates joined the Coast Guard so we can take care of our future families. We also had a safety class that taught us about all of the safety equipment we will be issued out in the field.

Our teachers keep reinforcing how important it is for us to absorb the knowledge we are learning because we have an immediate impact at our base and take on many responsibilities. The low part of it was when our instructor who is an Aviation Maintenance Technician, explained that, yes we do save lives but we are also the ones pulling out the bodies of those who do not make it.

We ended our nice day with 20 minutes of lifting our canteen off the deck then holding it straight out in front of us yelling “Aye Aye, Sir” at the top of our lungs. They always find a way to keep us entertained here. We will leave you with the Cape May Motto, “The days are long but the weeks fly by.”

Aug 14. Romeo-188 is working as a team, helping others when they have extra time and reaching time objectives. One thing that we haven’t mentioned in a journal yet is the food! Everyone has this idea of military food being this clump of only ‘God knows what’ on a metal tray but the food is actually really good!

We stayed pretty busy hopping from class to class today. We learned everything from how to advance in the Coast Guard to how to take advantage of our leave and liberty. We are finally starting to realize we are employed by the United States Government and not a bunch of misbehaved kids sent off to military school to be punished and put in check.
It’s crazy to think that in about a month we will all be spread out over the country saving lives, doing drug busts and helping the environment. That’s why this training is so stressful and why we hate it so much, but it will be worth it.

Aug 15. Romeo-188 had our first seamanship class today! We learned some basic terminology and different parts of the cutter. The class is right next to the Cape May harbor, so it is bitter sweet being so close, but no way to enjoy it. We also found out we will be marching in the graduation this Friday, which is pretty exciting and hopefully motivating for us.

We are only 5 weeks away from our day in the spotlight and we can’t wait for it to come. Many of us are sick right now with the “Cape May Crud”, which is just a cold with every type of symptom you can think of. So please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that we may get healthy soon.

Aug 16. Romeo-188 had a pretty good day today. We worked hard to keep ourselves in check both in front of our Company Commanders and when they are not around. We are really focusing on being accountable for our actions all of the time.

Marching in graduation was a real treat today and very emotional for us too as we long for that day to come already. Congratulations to November -188 (our Healey Hall floor mates). We continue our education in seamanship by learned how to tie knots and what different types of line are used for. We are all getting excited because in a week we will be half way done with our training.

Aug. 17. Wow, what a way for Saturday to go for Romeo-188. We had seamanship class from 0800 – 1700 today. When we came back, our squad bay was completely trashed. We had trash everywhere, our beds were completely thrown around, and we had wet toilet paper balls basically stuck to anything that they would stick too.

Our Company Commanders have wrecked our squad bay before, but this one was by far the worst. The description I’m giving does not even do justice to describe how it looked. It’s definitely demoralizing when we come back from a long day and find our stuff like that when we have worked so hard to keep it in check.

Romeo-188 is pretty depressed right now and morale is low. We are all looking forward to our much needed personal time tomorrow. It will be mostly spent getting everything in line but I know we will all make time to write a letter to our families and friends back home.

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