It’s not JUST 8 weeks Month 03: Days 02 & 04

This is  Day 02 and Day 04 of the “It’s not JUST 8 weeks workout.”  You’ll workout six days straight, and the seventh day will be a rest day. Day 02 and Day 04 are focused on strength training. This is necessary to prevent injury by improving bone density and using muscle mass to reinforce joints and soft tissue.

Each exercise has a number of sets associated with it indicating the number of times you’ll do the corresponding repetitions for the exercise. The repetitions or time determine how long or how many times you’ll do a given exercise in a set. For example, 10 pushups will equal one set. You’ll only rest long enough in between sets to catch your breath prior to moving on to the next exercise.

You can see an introduction video to this workout with examples, demonstrations and guidance from our fitness staff below.

1) Jump Rope
(If you have no jump rope or are not good at jumping rope simulate it)
Sets: 01 Time: 03 mins.

2) High knees

2) High knees
Sets: 02 Time: 30 secs.


3)Jumping Jacks

3) Jumping Jacks
Sets: 2 Reps: 25

4) Dynamic Warm Up
(Please click on the link for the Dynamic Warm Up)

5)Bicep Curl w/ weight

5) Bicep Curl w/ weight
(If you don’t have access to dumbbells use a soup can, milk jug, brick, etc. for weight exercises)
Sets: 03 Reps: 10


6) Lateral Raises w/ weight

6) Lateral Raises w/ weight
Sets: 03 Reps: 10

7)Overhead Press w/ weight

7) Overhead Press w/ weight
Sets: 03 Reps: 10


8)Tricep Dips off step/bench/chair

8) Tricep Dips off step/bench/chair
Sets: 02 Reps: 10


9)Bicycle Crunches

9) Bicycle Crunches
Sets: 02 Reps: 25


10)Reverse Crunch

10) Reverse Crunch
Sets: 02 Reps: 25



11) Plank
Sets: 02 Reps: 15sec hold


12)Plyo Step Ups (onto sturdy chair or steps)

12) Plyo Step Ups (onto sturdy chair or steps)
Sets: 02 Reps: 10


13) Wall Sits

13) Wall Sits
Sets: 03 Reps: 20

 14) Recovery Stretches
(Please click on the link for the Recovery Program)

Click here for an overview of this entire program.

Remember, it’s not JUST 8 weeks. It’s the challenge and opportunity of a lifetime. Come Ready.

Important note: Please consult a physician prior to beginning any exercise regimen or program. Be safe.

Workout designed by Kristy Graul, ATC, and Sherilyn Neri, MS, ATC

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