It’s not Just 8 weeks Month 03: Days 03 & 06

This is your workout routine for Day 03 and Day 06 of the “It’s not JUST 8 weeks workout.” You’ll workout six days straight, and the seventh day will be a rest day. Day 03 and day 06 are considered “active recovery” days primarily focused on run preparation in a gradual run/walk environment. You’ll alternate between a run and a walk for 20 minutes. The key is to not push yourself beyond your physical limitations if you haven’t run in some time.

Proper run form is critical to preventing injury and ensuring the highest speed. Please click here for an article from our battalion commander on run form.

1) Dynamic Warm Up
(Please click on the link for the Dynamic Warm Up)

 2A) Walk

2A) Walk
Time: 02 mins.


2B) Run

2B) Run
Time: 03 mins.

Total run/walk time should be at least: 20 mintues

3) Recovery
(Click here for your recovery routine)

Click here for an overview of the entire  Month 03 routine.

Remember, it’s not JUST 8 weeks. It’s the challenge and opportunity of a lifetime. Come Ready.

Important note: Please consult a physician prior to beginning any exercise regimen or program. Be safe.

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