Recruit Journal Romeo 188 Week: 04

Recruit Journal Romeo 188 Week: 04
Formed: July 30, 2013
Graduate: September 20, 2013



We started off week 04 with our usual FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! However, our day quickly changed and we were filled with excitement over our weapons simulator class. For some of us, learning to shoot a pistol (using a Sig Sauer 40 caliber) was something completely new and for our other shipmates, well they could qualify as a “Sharpshooter” or “Expert” right now. We all thoroughly enjoyed our time at the armory and everyone was raving about how great our instructors were. I think I speak for almost all of my shipmates when I say listening to our instructors talk about where they have been (Guam, Michigan, California, etc) and what they have done reminds us of why we are here. It gives us a drive to do better, be better and makes us keep our heads up. This isn’t to say Romeo-188 doesn’t have much more to do, because we certainly do. We need to keep our ears open, eyes in the boat and boy do we need to sound off. For now, we rest our eyes feeling lucky we have a night off from standing watch only to wake to a new day with new opportunities. The rest of the week is about to very busy and exciting so stay tuned.


Today did not start off as well as we had hoped. We missed time objective after time objective, weren’t sounding off and most of us struggled to keep our eyes open in class. It got to the point where we walked to chow as civilians instead of marching “ten feet tall and bulletproof.” We slowly began to turn it around and a main contributor was from the class we had on colors. Petty Officer Milligan explained to us that being part of the colors team is an honor not a work duty. It made us all think about the service members we have lost personally as well as other fallen soldiers. On a higher note, Romeo-188 finally did something good that brought a smile to our faces. We received our Marksmanship pennant! We were also told we were the most well behaved class in the last 06 months! Even ‘FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!’ Couldn’t bring us down. Hopefully we can keep this momentum and start working as one and not 29.


We had our first of three important days this week. Today was our physical fitness test that made us nervous, even though we’ve been training for weeks. I wish I could say we all passed but, alas, we did not. If one fails, we all fail. The good news is I’m confident the few that didn’t pass will be able to pass by the end of the week. It’s more important now than ever that we do not slack off because there will be a harder physical fitness test that we will be taking in upcoming weeks. Today was also important because we learned about our “dream sheet.” Everyone is ecstatic about the possibility of spending the next 01 to 03 years in so many different places throughout the U.S. and the world.

Some of us are hoping for small boat stations, while others want to be on cutters that have port calls in Central America or Canada. Tonight, Petty Officer Saporito gave us good advice- “this is the time in our lives to travel the world and to embrace wherever we might get stationed.” Basic training gets more exciting by the day. It’s the new challenges we face that make us get up every morning and try to remember everything we’ve been taught these last 04 weeks. Now more than ever we need to stay locked on and keep our military bearing to become the week 04 company our company commanders expect us to be. We are finally starting to realize they want us to succeed and every single part of training has a reason. Wish us luck!


Today was not Romeo-188’s day. We were sluggish, slow, and definitely lost our military bearing while attending our class on our future orders. Most of us were more nervous than excited due to how the assignment sheet is set up. The U.S. is broken down into different districts and we are allowed to put our top 04 districts down. We can also request to go to a cutter, small boat station, etc.

The unknown is what makes us nervous. Not knowing where we will be for an extended period of time. With all the excitement, we lost our bearings and paid for it. We got a wakeup call by playing game after game. Shipmates were soaked with sweat by the end, but by night time, the day got better. We have work detail now, which means we go around to different buildings cleaning and weeding outside to make sure the regiment looks good.

We also practiced manual of arms by ourselves in the squad bay which, was nice. Shipmate Kim stepped up and led the company in the movements. This was another small step for Romeo, but the challenge is to keep advancing and not take any more steps backwards. We have our midterm exam tomorrow, so it’s time to go study. We’re hungry for another pennant to make our friends, family and CC’s proud!


Hands down, one of Romeo’s best days yet was today, well at least in our eyes. The past few days we have been preparing for our squad bay inspection by our Section Commander. We spent every second cleaning, and we were still shocked when both the males and females received a perfect score! I think our CC’s were proud of us- it’s hard to tell. We finally feel like we have done a job well done and of course then 30 seconds later we did FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! But that couldn’t keep us down.

We also scored a 92% on our midterm, just missing the pennant. We were pretty bummed because we want to get as many as we can get. We want everyone to see our accomplishments when we graduate. Everyone is starting to come together and helping one another out.

The weeks fly bye and new companies come in each week. We look at them and are surprised that that is how we acted just 04 weeks ago. We started earning more freedom, and tomorrow we have pugil sticks. It’ll be nice to get some frustration out. I can’t wait to see which shipmates challenge each other. Another day closer to week 05!


Today was a roller coaster of emotions. We started off on a real high with the pugil stick fights. It was a great environment to be in. We matched up by size and gender into two teams. We were able to set aside our bearings and cheer on our shipmates as they fought.

The best fight hands down, was Shipmate Kusterbeck vs. Shipmate Lyman. Lyman is about twice the size of Kusterbeck, but Kusterbeck came out as the unexpected victor. The best part of the pugil stick training was when we got to see our CC’s in a different light. They were encouraging us and getting us ramped up to fight.

It was a relaxed environment, however per usual, we weren’t able to keep it locked up for long which resulted in piece IT. Somehow we managed to pull it back in and were rewarded with a swim session but messed up shortly after it. Hopefully Romeo can take this advice to heart and start learning from our mistakes. We have another great day tomorrow; we will be doing the off-base company run. People come to watch and have banners so we need to be loud and proud.

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