Recruit Journal Oscar 188 Week: 06

Recruit Journal Oscar 188 Week: 06
Formed: July 9, 2013
Graduate: August 30, 2013

International Maritime Signal Flag Oscar

International Maritime Signal Flag Oscar

“Looks like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays.” Today was a rather long day of classes. Both hazing and CPR classes, very important subject in the Coast Guard.
“There’s no room for hazing in the Coast Guard anymore.” It was reassuring to hear that. As well as learn and understand what hazing is and how to take care of it if the situation arises.

Our next class was more hands on. CPR, even though we’re not getting qualified in it, it’s a very important class. The first portion was on how to take care of wounds and what not. Fred, our wounded patient (mannequin) had a seriously rough night. We saved his life by taking care of his wide array of injuries.

After our afternoon chow was the actual CPR practical. Basically, we save the lives of plastic, robot babies and half humans. We did this twice, once in a scenario that they drowned and the other with choking. We can’t get certified until we’re out in the fleet.
For the most part today was a long day of classes. Oscar made it through unscathed. This was the start of week 07, so that’s a good thing. Hopefully, the rest of the week goes by this smoothly, if not better.
One more Monday remaining.

“Heads up on the pier!” This is the command Oscar company called this morning as we practiced heaving lines. We heaved the lines from a mock up ship/pier setting. It was really refreshing to be outside in the sun with a cool breeze and a gorgeous view of the bay. The instructors also provided a more relaxing environment because although they maintained their military bearing and high level of instruction, they also joked around with us as a senior company. Afterward we went straight in to take our seamanship final, as a whole Oscar company did very well.

The early afternoon was spent swimming laps in the pool. After what seemed liked endless laps, just when we thought we were done, we were instructed to put on the mustang suits. We then did a few rounds of heats. The first one to finish got to rest and watch, while the others continued. We finished our swim circuit with the two shipmates who thought they were the fastest racing while the company cheered them on.

We were then given a tight time objective to get dressed in our inspection ready tropical dress blue uniforms. The inspection was long and thorough but the Battalion Officer was not so scary about our discrepancies, but more so helpful.

Directly following we marched over to our close order drill test. Fortunately Oscar had nothing to worry about, we scored a nine out of ten! Our Lead Company Commander commended us by explaining that he felt a nine out of ten was a perfect score because companies don’t get tens on any tests. Overall this was a very successful day for Oscar!
One clap for Oscar!
09 days remaining!

As boot camp is coming to an end for Oscar, we attended our final seamanship class. There were no tests or note taking like it has been for the past 07 weeks. The company was out on the mock up again practicing heaving lines and the proper commands that go with them.

In boot camp, the hands on type classes remind you why you’re going through all of the stress and frustration. For most of us this class/practical was practice for one of our many everyday jobs. Of course, its important that we have the basic knowledge of how to secure a ship to a pier and how to unsecure it for leaving port. Especially since majority of us are stationed on cutters.

As for the rest of the day, Oscar may have slipped into complacency. We weren’t setting a good example for the companies in earlier weeks of training. We learned our lesson, as well as giving us sometime to talk as a company and tighten up all the loose ends.
Everybody stumbles or trips, but like they all say, it’s your decision to get back up that makes you stronger. This is the time for Oscar push through harder than ever, thus setting a good example and high standards for the other companies. It’s all possible and worth it in the end. Carpe Diem!

“Get your piece, get outside…find some real estate!” “You have 60 seconds to get your linens and get on the quarter deck!” “I’m making my rack, I’m making my rack!” Instead of a beautiful sunrise and the sound of seagulls laughing, Oscar heard the sound of our Company Commanders giving out these commands. We were not done with incentive training from yesterday. As a result we spent our morning doing incentive training.

Evening chow made some recruits happy! Our lead Company Commander came out and announced that because Oscar company did not have anyone in physical fitness enhancement anymore we were allowed to “stuff our faces with cake!” This made one recruit in particular extremely happy, so much that a Company Commander could see her smile from behind. She then requested to know if we could have desserts at breakfast too. It took everything in Oscar company’s power to maintain our military bearing and not burst into laughter with her.

This military bearing was even harder to keep after evening muster when one of the yeomen asked, “I request to know if I should call the training duty officer to report evening muster if the training duty officer is you?” The reply was, “yes, go call the training duty officer.” A few seconds later the training duty officer cell phone rings.
“Training duty officer…what company?…what company?…Are you on the quarterdeck?…Do you have your piece?…You might want to get that…you’re going to need it.” At this point the entire company was trying not to choke on chewy bars. The yeoman, with a smile on his face, willingly grabbed his piece and got on the quarterdeck.
Oscar 188 looking forward to dessert for breakfast!

Today was autopilot for the most part for Oscar. We pretty much did our own thing, in terms of administration and such. Alongside that we accomplished two major steps as well.

Oscar passed their final with flying colors! This was one of the last big hurdles we had to jump over. It was pretty basic computerized test, half open-book, half closed-book.
Speaking of jumping over hurdles, Oscar got to give the confidence course another show. This time we had much more success. We pretty much blew through it. Whether or not our shipmates got through it flawlessly, everyone improved a lot. At the very end of the course you have to climb a rope and rind a bell at the top while shouting their last name and the word topside. Compared to last time, a lot more of our shipmates were yelling topside.

As the senior company, it is now official with our colors hoisted on the regimental flag pole. It wasn’t a big ceremony, but it was a big deal to us. Today our seniority shown through with a good number of our shipmates having to mentor the forming company. Just like we had 07 weeks ago. Today was a good day for Oscar, probably because most of us had dessert for breakfast.
Oscar-188 topside!

“Do you have your exit buddy?” Oscar all had our exit buddies as they rushed to step off for off-base liberty. We all had a good time, although we were split up doing various things. The biggest thing was being back on time, safe and sound. Because we all got to talk with our families today’s entry is rather short. We have 05 days and a wake up!
Oscar-188 counting down the days.

Today would have been an ordinary Sunday, but we are Oscar, so we threw some awesomeness into it! The time was 1240, divine hours were almost over and we were all more than ready for chow. As instructed we formed it up outside…and waited…many of us thought our squadbays were getting inspected or were going to get in trouble. The all of a sudden we turn around and we are getting a fly-by by a HH-60 Dolphin helicopter. They did another fly-by and we all got to wave at him! They were low enough we could see them waving back to us. Awesome, right? Right.

Later we all march to Goff Hall with our pieces to turn them in. We all had the expectation of getting at least one more piece incentive training session in before we turned them in. To our surprise, we weren’t that “lucky”.

As it is known, Oscar is reaching week 08. This is mostly just getting stuff ready for our units and what not. So, tonight we all sat down with one of our company commanders and got to know him better, ask questions and give feedback on how we felt towards recruit training.

You could say it was a company bonding experience that included one of our company commanders. It was nice to hear his side of the story or thoughts on some things. Through our whole time here and tonight, you can see that he is devoted to his job. We can see that he wants us to be ready for the fleet and not just basically trained but mentally ready as well. We have yet to hear from the other company commanders. More to come soon!

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