Recruit Journal Romeo 188 Week: 05

Recruit Journal Romeo 188 Week: 05
Formed: July 30, 2013
Graduate: September 20, 2013

International Maritime Signal Flag Romeo

International Maritime Signal Flag Romeo

26 AUG 2013

This morning was one of the worse we had to endure and not because we had to “sweat,” but because we had to watch our squad leaders do incentive training for hours. They were punished because we were extremely late to get on line after showers and boy did they have to pay for it. It’s the worst feeling in the world when you can’t help shipmates out for something you did. Props to our squad leaders for not complaining about the beating they took and maybe now we won’t be late. Nobody wants that to happen again. In other news, we are finaly allowed to stop squaring our meals at the galley which proved to be more difficult than expected. Out of the corner of your eye, you could still see shipmates squaring their meals out of habit. It’s like we forgot how to eat normally. We also got a visit from our section commander, Chief Johnson, who said are racks weren’t bad, which is a good thing. He even took us to the gym for a lifecycle (bike) workout where we tried to hit 500 calories. Almost everyone succeeded in it, and you could tell we all wanted to impress Chief Johnson. He has a lot of power when it comes to our future with romeo and you certainly do not want to be on his bad side. We still have our operational dress uniform inspection coming up and we have to do well on that. Tomorrow will be a better day for us.

27 AUG 13

It took a while but romeo-188 finally turned it around. It was a little shaky in the morning and we managed to escape FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! But we fixed it. We had seamanship today and were told to march ourselves back to the Healy hall or chow depending on the time. We marched ourselves back to Healy, put away our rucksacks and then marched ourselves to chow, seeing as no company commanders were around. Little did we know this entire thing was planned to see if we could do it. We passed the test and even passed our operational dress uniform inspection “with flying colors,” according to Chief Johnson. He gave us a lot of advice telling us that we now dictate the days. We are week 05 and have more freedom now so we need to act like we deserve this new found freedom. No one is going to hold our hand any more. It’s time to take matters into our own hands. Having said that, I truly believe we grow each day and learn from our mistakes, but we have to stop making the same small mistakes over and over. We ended the night on our own. Chief Johnson was trusting us to do the right thing and get ourselves in our racks by taps (which we did) as long as we keep the trust we should be ok. Let’s hope for another good day.

28 AUG 13

It’s a two day streak for Romeo! We had another good day today as we learned we scored 56 out of 60 on our operational dress uniform inspection! We were also told people are talking about how we are the best company around the regiment. We were honestly very surprised because we’re only week 05 and we still have a long way to go. Were also starting to get the hang of our freedom and making our time objectives. Sometimes we’re even early, imagine that. Today we also had our seamanship midterm and a class which was really fun, the test wasn’t too bad, but we need to do well on our final to get the pennant. Our two seamanship instructors are great and make the class entertaining. The most frustrating thing is that our instructors and company commanders know where some of us will be stationed and almost teasing us. All we want is to find out where we are headed but looks like we are going to have to wait until tomorrow to find out. A lot of people are hoping to get stationed in district 07 (fl, sc and ga) while others want Hawaii. Hopefully with all of the excitement people will stay awake and not be tired from standing watch tonight. We got lucky because our watch schedule changed so no one would have to stand double watch over at Sexton Hall. Let’s hope Romeo can keep the streak alive for at least one more day!

29 AUG 13

Today we did not impress our company commanders, and for the life of us couldn’t get it together. Our minds were stuck on when we were going to get our orders and where they will be instead of focusing on the task at hand. We kept forgetting to do the little things like turn off the lights, take out the trash, wipe the sinks, etc… what we’ve finally realized after a motivational speech about one of petty officer Milligan’s shipmates who is fighting for his life as we speak, is the little things are extremely important. Skipping one safety procedure when our in the fleet can cost someone their life. At Cape May, safety is hammered into every evolution.

Today’s class was on risk management. It only confirmed why it is so important for us to not take short cuts and always “do the right thing”. When we first heard those words they were just words, but now we know what they mean and we know what to do, and what is expected of us. However, Romeo does have some very important news to report; our 04 shipmates who went to RAMP (Recruit Aptitude Motivational Program) and all came back to our company tonight!!! Obviously we are all thrilled. Losing a shipmate at this point is always tough since we’ve all grown so close in these last 05 weeks. Also, Romeo needs all the people we have. We might be the smallest company on the regiment, but you better believe that when were done with Cape May, everyone will know Romeo-188’s name.

30 AUG 13

By now I must sound like a broken record. Today was one of the worse days we have had in a while. We paid dearly for our mistakes yesterday and some today. We did a new remedial where we packed up everything in our rack and placed it in our sea bag. As a company, we passed them to each other around the regiment. It was not fun at all. These little mistakes are the reason why our days are no longer good. Today should have been great because we finally received our orders but were instantly told we don’t deserve them. Some of us were very happy and will be going to Hawaii or Key West while others are not too excited about their first unit. We were warned nothing is guaranteed and it’s based on what the Coast Guard needs. Getting our orders almost means finally getting to speak to our families to let them know where we will be headed. Those who were able to speak to them instantly got sad just from hearing loved ones voices. But we got to keep our head up and focus on finishing basic training. We need to dig ourselves out of this hole we are in because we are about to start week 06. As a company in week 06 we need to act as if we are 07. Right now we look like a week 02 company and losing the little respect we had from our company commanders. At least we can look forward to talking to our mentors who we met in week 02 again. Maybe the can refuel our tanks and give us some advice on how to stay on top of things throughout basic training.

31 AUG 13

The days are looking grim for Romeo. Today was a serious beat down where we got destroyed physically and most importantly, mentally. It should have been a fun day seeing as we had the confidence course today. We had a good environment as we cheered on our shipmates while climbing, jumping and hurdling over various obstacles but it could have been better. I think the confidence course did exactly what its name is, gave us some more confidence.

There were bars you had to jump on, swinging your legs over and slide down using your arms and ankles. Some of us weren’t about to climb walls by themselves, but if they needed help a fellow shipmate was close by. Our company mentors come to support us and they noticed that we have begun to act as a team now. They told us when they saw us back in week 02 we would not have done that.

It is true, we help each other without asking these days, because if one of us fails we all fail. On a sad note, Romeo lost 02 shipmates today. The reason being, they fell asleep on watch… which is very serious. Watch is one of the most important jobs we will have when our in the fleet. You can put everyone in danger if you are not paying attention to your surroundings. Our company commanders cannot stress that enough. However, we have to keep moving forward so a new day starts and a fresh beginning.

01 SEP13

Today we woke up happy because it’s finally September, which means graduation is less than 20 days away! We also were happy because Sundays mean divine hours. No incentive training for at least 04 hours. We also had an impromptu swim session which is always fun our at least better than doing push-ups, crunches, etc… We thought we would be doing our off-base run company run again, but it turns out we marched in the last sunset parade on base for the year. It’s where people come to see us honor our national ensign.

Now, here’s where the day took a turn for the worse or so we thought. We had about 05 minutes to pack our racks into our sea bags and get outside. In our mind “oh crap, what did we do now.” We started marching around the regiment (it’s pitch black out) with our company commanders leading us to no-man’s land. Finally we get to the beach, obviously do push-ups and the works until we are told to turn around and we see our colors!!! We all sprinted to it and started chanting Romeo-188 at the top of our lungs.

Nothing has ever felt so good. Our CCs telling us how far we’ve come and that we deserve our colors is extremely rewarding. Now we get to march around the regiment signing cadence, but at the same time all eyes are on us. We are a senior company. We have been forewarned. Keeping your colors is much harder then getting them. As we start week 06 we want to perform better each day. We want people to look at us and think we are a week 08 company and Romeo-188 will be a name that is remembered by the time we leave Cape May. It’s time for us to be heard.

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