Recruit Journal Romeo 188 Week: 06

Recruit Journal Romeo 188 Week: 06
Formed: July 30, 2013
Graduate: September 20, 2013

International Maritime Signal Flag Romeo

International Maritime Signal Flag Romeo

Week 06

02 September 13+
Romeo was walking 10 feet tall and bulletproof today! We couldn’t help but feel good being able to march with our colors and show them off. It seems as if every week is an exciting one, but this week seems to be jam packed. We started our fire fighting training today and it was about classifying different fires/equipment. Nevertheless it was interesting and very important to learn about in case a fire breaks out aboard the ship. We are looking forward to doing the fire fighting practical soon were we can suit up and fight a fire. In other news, we’ve spent a lot of time doing manual of arms and we have our test tomorrow. We have improved, but we need more time to work on the movements/timing. As long as we go slow and are loud we should be fine. We want every day to be like today minus some hiccups, but it was a solid day overall. It might have to do with how spiffy we looked when we put on our dress uniforms. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t catch about half the company checking themselves out. You get overwhelmed with a feeling of pride with your family name and the words US Coast Guard together. We can’t get too confident; we still have a long way to go.

03 September 13
Remember yesterday when I said we were nervous about our manual of arms test overseen by Chief Johnson? We killed it! Perfect score! Romeo is tearin’ it up! Chief Johnson was impressed by how loud we were and we only had about 17 recruits. Now we know how to “shattering eardrums.” Loud and proud baby! Chief Johnson’s remarks were.. wait for it- “Outstanding!” Nothing makes us happier than getting a good report like that. The senior company better watch their backs, because we want everyone to know we are the best! We got rewarded by our stellar performance with a company run or at least we think it was a reward. We keep learning new cadences, but we haven’t gotten “our American Idol on” yet. Try keeping a straight face after hearing that! We need to keep our composure and keep moving forward.

04 September 13
FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! Nope, this time it was to fight a fire and not do physical fitness. Today we fought a blazing fire! No not really it was a simulator, but we put on all the equipment and utilize firefighting techniques. It was pretty awesome because the room was all smokey and we got to use real stuff. We were bummed it wasn’t a real fire, but they barely trust us to tie our shoes. However, it was unlike anything many of us have ever done so it was still cool. The hardest part was doing the duck walk while holding the hose, it was uncomfortable. We also had a dress refitting and many of us are losing weight like ‘Valerie for Weight Watchers’ so we need to go back. You might not even recognize your loved when once graduation comes. Tomorrow is round two of pugil sticks and I think Shipmate Lyman wants some revenge!

05 September 13
“Who wants to fight who?” Hands bolted in the air. Even after eating a massive lunch and most of us finally getting to drink coffee, we were all ready to let our stress out in round 2 of pugil sticks. Team Saporito kicked it off from the start and went on a winning streak of 08 to team Oakland. At round 02 the tension between Shipmate Kusterbeck and Shipmate Lyman could be felt as they entered the ring. Game faces on and sweat dripping. The whistle sounded and once again Kusterbeck was the victor. Everyone was encouraging them to beat each other to the ground! Today we also got our military ID cards which makes things more real and I think we all saw different people in that picture. We’ve all grown so much in these last 06 weeks. 02 weeks and we will walk out of theses gates with no more FIRE FIRE FIRE!

06 September 13
Romeo’s excitement for our on base liberty is about to burst at the seams! Reality struck when we got to charge our cell phones tonight. Man does an iphone feel like home in your hands or what? We wonder how we are going to talk to our friends and family with our new language, so don’t be surprised when an “Aye aye” slips out. All the junk food that we can consume tomorrow is also revving up our engines. Some of us however will not be able to eat it due to our chipmunk sized cheeks. Week 06 is when many people get their wisdom teeth out and if you’re really unlucky (like myself) you get all 04 out.

Never fear, we are taken care of in the ward and rewarded so to speak with ice cream and pudding. Oh, almost forgot what ice cream tasted like- sweet heaven, that’s what. Surprisingly, even with the excitement we were able to keep it locked on today. We spent a lot of the day preparing our dress uniform for an inspection next week and we saw what happens when you let your guard down for a second. We do not want that misery to happen to us for a second. 02 weeks lefts so no more mistakes-we can get outta here!

07 September 13
Today was like Christmas Eve. You know when you’re allowed to open one present, but you’re still waiting to open the rest the next day? That’s the best way to describe our feelings. Being able to go to our 03 designated areas: the Harbor View Club, the pavilion and the Exchange was awesome. We finally got to talk to our friends and family and let them know what we’ve been doing the past 06 weeks. Everyone was on their phone for just about the entire time we had liberty, but my personal favorite time was when we actually got to speak to our shipmates. We’ve been through the good, the bad, and the ugly together and I don’t know if we all can name everyone’s full name. It’s crazy how close we are but yet still don’t know much about each other. Just looking at pictures of each other before boot camp was strange. Many jaws dropped. Granted our appearance in boot camp isn’t the greatest. We enjoyed relaxing and laughing, but it was awesome to hear Petty Officer Milligan say we earned our liberty. He also had a surprise for us and took us to check out some cutters. We got to see a 210’ Medium Endurance cutter for those going to cutters and Station Cape May for those going to a small boat station. Now we understand what they mean when they say you have no space. The mess deck in the cutter seats about 36 people and they try and feed 80! It was also cool to be able to name parts of the ship and know what they are/what they do. Safe to say everyone is stoked about going to their first unit and about the chance of getting off-base liberty next Saturday (this is where the Christmas day part comes in). Time to buckle down and get through 02 weeks because you better believe Romeo wants to be walking out of these gates come 20 September 13!

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