Recruit Journal Uniform 188 Week: 02

Recruit Journal Uniform 188 Week: 02
Formed: August 27, 2013
Graduate: October 18, 2013


Week two has been a week of both pain and gain for Uniform-188. Even though we have barely scratched the surface, we’ve learned a lot and are finally seeing ourselves start to come together.
So far, everyday is just a constant cycle of us being told what to do, messing it up, and then paying the price for our mistakes. We’re starting to fall into a routine and get used to each other and our Company Commanders.
We’re starting to feel “comfortable” screaming everything we say at the top of our lungs. We can almost make all of our racks in 05 minutes, and we can address people properly (sometimes).

We go to classes everyday and we usually enjoy them because it’s time off from being yelled at.
We also go to the gym almost every day which is nice because the instructors are really helpful.
Please keep writing to us and we will respond when we can. Even though being here is a huge challenge, we realize what a great opportunity we have been given and are determined to stay strong. Bring on the next six weeks!

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