Recruit Journal Romeo 188: Week 07

Recruit Journal Romeo 188: Week 07
Formed: July 30, 2013
Graduate: September 20, 2013

09 September 13
It’s as if Romeo reclined the chair and started lounging today. We were quizzed on required knowledge and way too many of us failed. Now we have some requirements before we go on off-base liberty. We got too comfortable and haven’t been reviewing enough.

It was also an off day because everyone was everywhere. We marched to chow today with 04 recruits- it was ridiculous. We also had first aid and CPR today. We were introduced to how fast we might actually be saving someone’s life.

We have to be prepared for any type of injury, which is pretty nerve racking, coming straight out of this controlled environment. We do have good news though! Some of our shipmates will be attending a 21 gun salute ceremony and there is a parade on Saturday which some of our fellow shipmates will be participating in (which is in Atlantic City).

A bit of a bitter sweet feeling, because they will be a part of something most people will not ever be in, but we will certainly miss our shipmates who will not be with us Saturday. We have our dress uniform inspection and close order drill test with Chief Johnson tomorrow, wish us luck!

Petty Officer Milligan ended our evening muster with, “For some reason, Chief Johnson likes you crazies, but it’s probably because of me and Petty Officer Saporito.” I guess he’s late on the memo that we’re awesome!

10 September 13

Smoked it! We passed our dress uniform inspection and got another perfect score on our close order drill test! Chief Johnson said he’s been really impressed with us over these last 07 weeks! We even got two big surprises- the company commander pennant and the section commander pennant!

Chief Johnson said he usually doesn’t give it out this early! Right after, we were reminded that boot camp isn’t over yet. The threat of RAMP still plagues our lives. We did, however, get to watch forming (the new company) come in off the buses tonight.

It’s crazy to see how far we’ve come in such a short time. Seeing them all so nervous and trying to do simple things like facing movements made us laugh. We are super excited for Friday to come, so we can hang Romeo’s flag on the regimental flag pole for everyone to see. We’re finally standing 10 feet tall and bulletproof.

11 September 13
I didn’t think it was possible, but Romeo had the most freedom we’ve ever had today. The entire day, everyone was all over the place going to administration, setting up travel plans, or whatever else we needed to do before we leave here.

We have about a week to get everything squared away, and let me tell you- it is hard when you don’t have access to phones and emails whenever you want. Just your typical day in the life of a recruit in training.

We were allowed to march ourselves to chow twice now, which means they actually trust us to get there and not act like crazies! We did have our last seamanship class today. We learned how to moor lines. They have a mock ship where we did a practical on heaving lines and different line evolutions. It was good practice, especially for those of us who will be seaman.

In other news, I was informed to let you know that my military bearing is intact, but shipmate Hendrix’s is not. I did not greet Petty Officer Oakland and my shipmate standing to my left did and when I tried to explain why, I couldn’t quite get the words out. He tried to make me laugh and could not, while shipmate Hendrix couldn’t keep a straight face for the life of him.

12 September 13
One day away from being the senior company on the regiment and two for off base liberty! We still have our required knowledge to do, but I think we have it under control. We have some exciting news about the awards, but you’ll have to wait until graduation.

It’s likely this shipmate will win everything, so don’t be surprised hen you hear one name. We had a more eventful day today, with a couple of classes. Sighing our orders was the best part. We also got a special history tour from Petty Officer Saporito.

He took us around the regiment and even to the landing strip that was used in WWII, but is not in use anymore. It was pretty cool to finally figure out what all the pictures and statues mean on the base, and I hope they continue showing the recruits this tour. We have our final exam tomorrow, and we need to do well on it to get another pennant.

13 September 13
I can’t give away all the secrets of boot camp, but trust me when I say, Romeo had a great day! We got to march at a graduation as a week 07 company, raise our flag (of course we had an IT session while doing it) and got to eat dessert!

We also did the confidence course again and did well, but we still have a few who haven’t made it up the rope yet. Never fear, we have one more chance to do it. We actually enjoy training now that the beat down part is over and we’ve been built back up.

The changes we see are frightening and this next week is supposed to be easy. We just need to do what we’re supposed to do so we can get the heck out of here. If you’re wondering why it’s better because our company commanders are real people now.

We can’t believe tomorrow is our off base liberty! Time is flying by and I think a few recruits may actually miss Cape May when they leave.

14 September 13
Today went by as quick as it came. We found ourselves struggling to fit into the real world. We tried hard not to walk in formation, but we caught ourselves doing it all day. We got to check out the board walk at Wildwood, hang out in Rio Grande, and rent hotel rooms to kick it.

It was nice to sit back, take off our shoes and watch college football like a normal Saturday! The only down side was we ate so much stuff, some of our shipates got a little jittery! We were given a mission by Petty Officer Milligan to get anything pink, so we could decorate Petty Officer Oakland’s office with it. Mission complete! We got tons of great posters, signs etc. And he is going to be stunned. We’ll probably get an IT session, but who cares!

15 September 13
Today we finally handed in our piece! We were of course threatened that we could always use another company’s piece, but we’re pretty sure that won’t happen. We go to see Petty Officer Oakland’s reaction to his office. It was priceless!

He was very confused as to who did it, but I think he was actually impressed when he found out it was us. We got a kick out of the other CC’s checking it out as well! Today we also chose to do a cybex workout because ‘we wanted to get jacked.’ That was the males reasoning, but the females were onboard.

We have a special fitness test next week. It is going to be pretty tough, which isn’t exactly what we had hoped for, but Master Chief Berry is conducting it. We also had our last off base company run tonight, which wasn’t exactly how we’d hoped for, because we had to run with another company.

It’s nice because we are bigger, but it’s not the same as just being with Romeo. We obviously think our cadence and company commanders are the best and no one elses! 05 days left of boot camp! We can’t wait for Friday to come!

Week 08
16 September 13
Everyone was on edge today with rumors of Master Chief Berry being back on the regiment. He’s been gone for a couple months promoting the Coast Guard. For those that don’t know, he is the head honcho here. He has the power to revert recruits back to forming with no questions asked.

Yeah, that’s why we’re nervous. If you’re wondering, rumors are true. Master Chief Berry has re-entered the building. He put us through a test which was to pack up our sea bag, our squad bay was semi-destroyed, and we had 49 minutes to have everything (and I mean everything) inspection ready.

We didn’t do as well as we had hoped, so we pretty much need to ace the required knowledge part on Wednesday in order to get the battalion pennant. It’s not that we don’t know the information, it’s just never racking to go up one on one with someone who has so much power.

We need to be loud and confident in what we say and we will do fine. We also did the other physical fitness test that I previously mentioned. It was a 02 mile run, 03 minutes of sit-ups, max amount of pushups, and pull ups/ arm hang. A perfect score for the pushups for the males was 54 and 30 for females.

We had Shipmate Curles rock that section and completed 54 pushups! Allof the scores are calculated into a formula and determine whether or not we get the physical fitness pennant. We hope to get it since the other pennant doesn’t look like we’ll be getting it right now. Counting down the days…04 left!

17 September 13
I forgot to mention one of the most important part of yesterday- we changed our covers.
Now we get to wear covers that actually say, U.S. Coast Guard and have our pin on them, instead of the ‘RECRUIT’ covers.

We’re supposed to have a little ceremony, but rain made that difficult. It’s the first transition into real life in the Coast Guard, which is awesome. We are so close to graduation and just want to get it over with already.

Today was an easy day filled with Administration time and getting our uniforms fixed or exchanged before we leave Cape may. The most exciting part of the day was when we got to take our company photo. We opted to take it at the beach, where we got our colors.

Going to the beach in the day time was pretty nice. Finally seeing the ocean (the same one we will be sailing on soon) was an enjoyable view. Now the hardest part of boot camp is trying not to smile and laugh.

In the galley, recruits in the junior companies get ripped apart and it’s really hard for us to keep it together. They say and do the most ridiculous things. We try and cover it up by coughing, but we can’t laugh too much…that was ‘us’ just 08 weeks ago. It’s hysterical, especially when it’s our CC’s doing the beating! The countdown continues…03 days!

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