X-ray 188 Recruit Journal: Week 05

Formed: Sept. 24, 2013
Graduates: Nov. 15, 2013


Now that we have got to week 04 the wake ups are getting a lot earlier, our time to get ready shorter, and everything has increased. Expectations from not only our company commanders, but also ourselves have heightened. Our level of Coast Guard knowledge is increasing along with the incentive training exercises. I have no doubt that we can perform as a company successfully; with baby steps though. Not everything can be leaps and bounds but for the two months we are here we need to make vast improvement to become assets to the fleet. We understand that we need to take one thing at a time to work towards progress, but in our case maybe a brisk walk would help. Be fast, be loud, and listen is all we need to do to be perfect recruit. Yesterday Petty Officer Martin finally taught us our manual of arms. Of course it was something the company had to earn the right to learn. Today was only our second day practicing the movements and it was nice to see the company working together. During out head and water breaks we now practice out piece nomenclature along with study our required

International Maritime Signal Flag X-ray

International Maritime Signal Flag X-ray

knowledge. For the majority of the day we spent it at Goff Hall learning all there is to know about the Coast Guards standard issued pistol. At the end of the class we got to fire a free simulated round at a screen almost like a video game that corrected your shooting technique. Everyone’s spirits were lifted it was a nice release of training and gave us that excitement about the Coast Guard back. Also later that evening Petty Officer gave us a slight compliment on our marching. Lately we have not been asked to get louder which is a small accomplishment. As I said before, small steps and we all get to graduate in out dress uniforms. Another day down, stay up.

We had a great start to our day French toast sticks at the galley. Afterwards we had a class with Chief Carire about commitment. In all honesty I thought it was going to be just another class to highlight the important details. Instead Chief Carire made it intriguing by adding his personal touch of his own experiences. He shared what commitment meant to him and told the class the story of his first search and rescue case. Out morale fell a little today when we let a shipmate fall asleep in class. Another responsibility got added to our list, colors team. Later in the day we met with Mrs. Evelyn to set up our emails and she explained a little bit about our upcoming event of choosing out first unit. Overall today was decent. Another day down , stay up.

I do not know if it is the day or we just got caught off guard but today wasn’t so good. We had several shipmates fall asleep in class. We had our physical fitness assessment and it is sad to say not even after all the piece incentive training ; some recruits still failed the push-ups. If anything, we take it with a grain of salt and it is just a sign we need to push ourselves harder. There is one thing I like to remember form when I did tough muddier, “there is no quit in this game”. At my hardest points I like to recite that to myself. I have shared it with my shipmates and I hope at times they too think about its meaning. On top of everything else the company got a surprise visit from a Section Commander known to many as Chief Fredrickson but to others as the body snatcher. This was not a happy visit he had us open our racks and tore through them like a tornado. Screaming at us was not enough he conducted incentive training with our piece by his count. It was slow and took a very long time our shoulders were on fire. After that eventful evening things slowed as Father Fronk visited the squad bay to talk about normal life outside of boot camp. Regardless of what we thing we cannot be complacent this is a life saving branch and no to cases are always the same. Stay on your toes another day down, stay up.

Through all the Incentive Training “IT” and all the corrections, it is hard to find something to look forward to besides graduation. Today changed that we put down the areas we would like to go to for our first unit. Of course there are no guarantees, it is still exciting to think there is life outside boot camp waiting for us. As tough as Petty Officer Grube may seem, and that is all the time, it was nice to hear him act human for once and give us advice. He told us to travel and do awesome things and that we did not join to go back home. We need to experience what the Coast Guard and world have to offer. Our company commanders along with all the instructors are giving us the tools we need to become successful we need to take charge and go in the direction that get us to our goal. Another day down, stay up.

18OCT 13
It has been said that some recruits talk in their sleep. To come of us talking in our sleep happened back at home to. Here talking in our sleep consist of shouting required knowledge which included firearm safety which can be a little unsettling in the middle of the night. Boot camp seems to be getting to us, some in good ways some in bad. Wednesday we had the rack inspection by Chief Fredrickson and today the recruit he was not pleased wit had to square hi office. This may sound harmless enough but Chief Fredrickson himself is not harmless. He has the ability to revert, assign ramp or may recruits cry with simple words. So to say those shipmates were scared is an understatement. X-ray also took their mid -term today which I am happy to announce the company received the Pennant to be flown on our guidon with our company colors once they have been earned. Besides our nerves being shaken today was a good one, and tomorrow we have Pugil sticks bouts. Another day down, stay up.

It was the most exciting Saturday in training yet. Today Yankee and X-Ray got to battle each other in the ring during Pugil sticks. Some shipmates got called out by others but the majority was simple chosen by size. The Company Commanders has funny comments about our cheering during the bouts which made us relies even they have humor. Yankee got a complete beat session this morning and X-ray can’t wait for the next one. After that we had another class of watch standing and practiced our manual of arms. The evening was quit and a nice change in pace from what we were use to. Another day down, stay up.

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