Recruit Journal Bravo 189: Week 02

Formed: Oct. 29, 2013
Graduates: Dec. 20, 2013

11 NOV2013

They let us float around in mustang survival suits today. That really boosted everyone’s morale. It was the first little taste of what it would be like to be a Coast Guardsman. The instructors even had stories for us. All we did was lie on our back for a few moments. I’m sure everyone was imagining themselves saving someone, or doing something awesome. Everyone wore the same suit during that exercise. We even had to grab shoulders and form ourselves in a circle. People from all over the country floating together in that pool because of some common interest, on top of that, they explained to us everything the Coast Guard is, being a multi mission service with many operations combining together in some cases. I guess we’re gradually grasping the concept of the Coast Guard, we all hope it’s not too long before we live it.

International Maritime Signal Flag Bravo

International Maritime Signal Flag Bravo

12 NOV2013

Fellow recruits and staff members told us in the beginning that it gets better. We’ve been wondering when that time would roll around. This week it sort of has. Some of us are on our own schedules. We know what to expect that day. And we are starting to get what our CC’s want from us. So far it seems our most common road block has been required knowledge. We’ve been having classes throughout the days instead of so much PT. We’ve learned about work life safety and history just to name a few. Today our junior company Charlie showed up on the bus. And we’re not happy about it because now we have a company to get reverted to. It’s not that it is physically getting easier or that were doing anything less, it’s that we are beginning to know what we’re doing and why. OH! It snowed a little today. Very little, but it counts! What’s also exciting about today is that few of our recruits got chosen for color guard and drill team. The lot of us wishes we were chosen! Things are happening so fast. Seamanship begins this week as well. Every single one of us is looking forward towards that.

13 NOV2013

Wednesday nights have to be the company’s favorite time of the work week. It doesn’t matter how exhausted we are our ears perk up when we hear Father Fronk is coming. Father Fronk is our Catholic Chaplain here at TRACEN Cape May. He’s unlike any other Priest. You wouldn’t know he was one. He comes in asks if we’re all ok and gives us words of encouragement. He’s our company’s very own Newscaster. He updates us with football statistics, music charts, weather, and even Knock Knock Jokes. He’s the company’s breath of fresh air. He reminds us all that there’s another world outside of these gates. If there is one thing we need, its encouragement.

14 NOV2013

Our company makes things a lot harder than it should be. This whole military transition seems like it could be fairly pleasant. The Company Commanders could just give us these values to absorb and show us a larger image of life. We should be staring in awe, but today we stared at our Boondockers. Instead we marched from Seamanship class with our heads down. At least our Company Commanders haven’t given up on us. Our company just needs to let go. And let the Company Commanders do their job. Everyone still has this illusion that their personal lives actually mean something right now. And it’s great that you’ve taken the first step. But were failing as a company because we won’t just let the training in. yeah…. Were into this pretty heavily now. 2 people have gone to Recruit Aptitude and Motivation Program (RAMP) already.

15 NOV2013

I kind of get the purpose of Military Bearing in regards to Military Culture. It explains the demeanor of all the E-3’s and above. In the Military all the social interactions are already mapped out, they also instill the same values in every person who finishes Boot Camp. So in the Military you have a group of people who all share similar personality traits and are familiar with the Military formalities. I’m just thinking about this as another way in which we may change as people… I mean…All of us. I would think that Military Bearing should be able to be switched on and off. How nice would it be if it was only the situation which triggers Military Bearing? And we all carry something new and special after Boot Camp.

16 NOV2013

We shouldn’t be where we are. For reasons I can’t give, we aren’t progressing like we should be. Every company has their breaking point. We haven’t had ours yet, I’m hoping were just late bloomers. were just about half way, yet far from graduation. Since we can’t figure it out. I guess our CC’s will make us. Were frustrated, sad, mad, exhausted and everything far and in between. We received two new shipmates from Alpha Company. Let me tell you that made the hair on the back of our necks stand up. We also lost one of our shipmates and were all pretty distraught. From 0800 to 1700 we were in Seamanship Class. All of us love that class. Our instructor is nothing short of professional but the knowledge we’re learning is fun to grasp. We played with the Helmsman Simulators and learned a handful of knots. Learned a few things about particular rates too. It seems every CC or instructor has their very own opinions, which definitely clash with one another’s. We spoke of this because this time next week, we put in or dreamsheets.

17 NOV2013

I think that people are starting to get a feel for Boot Camp. All the knowledge seems like it’s actually no problem to process. Maybe we’re getting better with our surroundings. But I wouldn’t remove the conclusion that we’re getting smarter. As long as people keep trying to have situational awareness, it should continue to be developed. That’s one of the really interesting ways were changing here in Cape May. All awareness all the time has tons of benefits outside the Military. And it’s not even limited to increased powers of observation. They are breaking down all these deeply stored sub conscious behaviors and reactions. Things you may not have meant, but did anyway right? Are you a cheater? Liar? Lazy? These correcting really make an individual re-consider themselves. Our Training environment is very complicated.

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