Recruit Journal Alfa 189: Week 03

Formed: Oct. 22, 2013
Graduates: Dec. 13, 2013


Today started a bit rocky. We were slow this morning, and Ø1 of our shipmates forgot their cover (hat). We all ended up marching to chow with our hands in our pockets, and our heads down. This was pretty embarrassing. Divine hours were nice. We had time to iron uniforms, shine boondockers, and write letters. Once divine hours ended, we had our rack inspections. We are getting better at setting them up. We did a company run today, and everyone enjoyed that. After our run, we did a 4ØØ calorie bike workout, which made us really tired. ALFA-189 is finally starting to come together as a company, but Week Ø4 starts tomorrow. Things are going to start getting tough!

International Maritime Signal Flag Alpha

International Maritime Signal Flag Alfa

We are a small company, and we have been starting tasks earlier than most companies. The standards are high for our company. ALFA-189 will be the best company on the regiment. Our Company Commanders have told us this, and we cannot disappoint them. Remember, you always listen to your Company Commanders. Hopefully, ALFA-189 will listen, and everyone who is here right now will stay until December 13th. WE ARE ALFA-189!


Today was pretty fun, but a bit of a downer. We got to go to the Armory! We all took the simulated weapons safety and handling class. We have a few sharpshooters in ALFA-189. A shipmate of ours scored a perfect 15Ø, which some of the instructors have not received yet. Kudos, Shipmate! We stayed at the Armory most of the day, which we learned about the SIG P229R Pistol, how to fire it, and how to disassemble it. Watch out, ALFA-189 is qualified to handle firearms! On the down side, we have Ø5 shipmates going to RAMP (Recruit Aptitude and Motivation Program). RAMP is Ø3 days of bootcamp on steroids. We wish our shipmates good luck, but I know they will do their best and come out stronger! We had our pictures taken today. We all got to wear Service Dress Blue uniform with the combination cover. We looked good!
We are looking forward to having our own Service Dress Blue uniform, so we can take a picture together as a company. We are confident that everyone who is in the company now will be in the company picture, and will all graduate together. Once ALFA, Always ALFA!

12-13NOV13 WEEK Ø4 DAYS Ø2 & Ø3

Well, the last Ø2 days have not been so hot. We did have a few classes that we got excited about, which dealt with our first duty stations. Unfortunately, we lost a lot of shipmates today due to medical and other reasons. We still have Ø6 shipmates in RAMP. I am not sure if that is getting to everyone, but we have been off as a company. Our morale is down. We messed up big time today in class with losing our military bearing. You would have thought we were in high school, well not that bad. However, in military standards we mind as well have been a bunch of mindless monkeys running around. Our Squad Leaders paid big time for this. Besides our epic failures, there are some cool developments with ALFA-189. We have a Color Guard team. We have not put up morning or evening colors yet, but it will come soon enough. It is a bit nerve wrecking, because there is always a Company Commander watching us only a few steps away. So if you mess up, I can only imagine how they will correct your actions. We had our Physical Fitness test today, and the run killed us. It was COLD out! However, mostly everyone made it to the finish line.
WE GET COFFEE! Our Lead Company Commander is nice enough to let us start getting coffee, because we have to stand double watches due to the amount of shipmates we have lost. Needless to say, we are very grateful! It is hard to stay awake even when you want too, but then you catch yourself nodding off. On another good note, we get to fill out our dream sheets tomorrow! This is one of the many first steps into joining the Coast Guard. It is time for ALFA-189 to step it up. Week Ø4 is almost over, and it only gets harder from here on out. We got this, ALFA-189!


Today started like every other day, FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! Let me tell you, I am almost used to waking up this way, but the cold is definitely is not forgiving. Today was sunny with a nice brisk cold to it. We saw our shipmates from RAMP in classes today. They all seem to have their spirits up and determined. We cannot wait to have them back.
COFFEE! It is better than Christmas presents. For a lot of us there was no more uncontrollable head banging. We still had some shipmates that nodded off and they DO NOT like that here. Most of us had a significant improvement with that extra energy. With that said, we got to fill out our dream sheets today! It is this simple piece of paper that determines where your life will head after bootcamp if we make it to graduation. Fingers crossed! Some of us want a small boat station to stay near family, and some of us want big cutters to go and explore the world. Hopefully, we have our orders given to us by next week. They were right with telling us the days are long, but the weeks fly by. ALFA company is steadily become a company we can be proud to say we are a part of. Tomorrow is our Mid-Term Exam we are all trying to cram and study on every head and water break. Hopefully, ALFA-189 is on the rise to greatness. We are ALFA-189!


Today we got our company back. We have missed a few shipmates the past few days due to RAMP. We had Ø4 shipmates return, and we gained Ø4 new shipmates from RAMP. Those from RAMP are sore, but seem to be pushing harder to correct their flaws. They are also encouraging their shipmates with what they have learned. Also, we were informed that we did so well at the range that we earned a pennant to go on our guidon with our colors once we earn them.
We had our squad bay inspection today, and that did not go so well. The female head was alright, but the male squad bay had a baby powder bomb go off. Our quarterdeck was a mess. Our Section Commander was not happy with us at all. So, a lot of the day consisted of cleaning, scrubbing, and working with our pieces. A lot of sweat poured out of bodies as well! ALFA-189 is getting there, slowly. Improvements are happening every day, and that needs to be the focus. Go ALFA-189!


Today was a good day! I mean, we had an incentive training session, but overall it was a successful day. This morning we did a long workout at the gym. The goal was to burn 4ØØ calories in 45 minutes on the stationary bike. Not everyone did it, which lead to another workout later on in the day. This time we did it with another Section Commander, which wears a red rope and our Lead Company Commander. That was nerve wrecking in itself. The red ropes on Section Commanders carry special powers like reversion, so he can revert you on the spot. Thankfully, ALFA-189 behaved and there were no casualties. Also, we did a lot of work with the piece today. One of our Company Commanders went over the Manual of Arms test with us today, which we have to take as a company as a whole. He pointed out that we would have been on point had we been louder. Our Lead Company Commander marched us with our piece, and performed Manual of Arms while marching. I think we did awesome for our first time. Our spirits seem to be rising a little. Everyone seems to be letting go as individuals, and working together as a team. I think that since we are the second most senior company on base, and the junior companies are looking up to us is a bit of a wakeup call. We want to be a positive role model for them. We are getting stronger every day as a company, and we will continue to do so. We are ALFA-189!

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