Recruit Company Zulu 188: Week 07

Recruit Company Zulu 188: Week 07
Formed: October 08, 2013
Graduate: November 26, 2013


And just like that our last full week is coming to an end. Good thing too, we are so ready to get out of here and serve our country.

This week was a typical week except for the fact that we had a million different activities mashed into our already packed schedule since we are graduating in 02 days. Classes included subjects on CPR, first aid, hazing, line handling and history.

Earlier this week our company participated in ‘the master chief challenge.’ It consisted of physical fitness challenges and a squad bay rebuild. We didn’t even come close to earning the pennant for our guidon but all of us individually and as a team pushed to do the best we could. 02 of the most accomplishing moments of our week were receiving our high and tight haircuts and our non rate covers. Yeah, it’s a little detail, but to make it this far in training is such a feel good milestone and so are those little haircuts! And now that we don’t wear big fat letters “recruit” on our foreheads anymore we feel pretty legit.

One thing that put a smile on everyone’s face was that about 05 shipmates who couldn’t shimmy up the confidence course rope that first time around week 05 were able to do it this time. They don’t call it the confidence course for nothing it was also the perfect backdrop for our company picture.

As of right now we are about 98 % ready to graduate. We’ve all passed our finals, our travel arrangements have been made, and we are almost done with our company commander debriefs. Those are super cool because we get to talk to them about mostly anything, with very little limits. It’s actually going to be kind of a bummer leaving them the day we graduate and not having them there to lead us throughout our career. But they have given us the tools we just need to apply them.

Whether it is a white hulled patrol boat or a black hulled buoy tender, ice breaker or motor lifeboat, Zulu -188 is ready to go. Just 03 days and well be going home sweet home.


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