Recruit Company Alfa 189 Week: 08

Recruit Company Alfa 189 Week: 08
Formed: October 22, 2013
Graduates: December 13. 2013

International Maritime Signal Flag Alpha

International Maritime Signal Flag Alfa


24NOV13  WEEK Ø5  DAY Ø7


Well, even though today is Sunday, and Sunday means divine hours, it still was not that great of a day for ALFA. Our Company Commanders are very disappointed in us, and they let us know it. One of our Company Commanders did not even want to march us to chow, so we just walked to chow like a gaggle of lost baby chicks. To see that disappointment was a bummer. divine hours was quiet today. The day was filled with piece Incentive Training (I.T.), and cleaning other companies bathrooms. This was our punishment for failing our inspection. Everyone is sore, tired, cranky and embarrassed. The end of Week Ø5 is here, but we still feel like we are in Week Ø2 stumbling over each other. It seems like we need to pay attention to detail, and we mess up the silliest things. Things that are so easy to fix. ALFA’s got to step up our game. On Tuesday, we will be the senior company on the regiment. We need to start acting like it! Got to get our pride back!


25NOV13  WEEK Ø6  DAY Ø1


            Today was a good day! ALFA spent the morning at our favorite class, Seamanship. We learned about basic fires, extinguishers, and firefighting equipment. Tomorrow we have our fire fighting practical, and everyone is excited about it. The afternoon was spent in and out of other classes, chow and a workout. After paying our Lead Company Commander back for missing a time objective, we spent time learning how to properly wear the Dress Blue uniform. The ALFA females and the ALFA males looked super sharp. It seems as if yesterday’s beatings may have helped our company straighten up a bit. Hopefully it did! Our Manual of Arms test is tomorrow, and we will be performing in front of our Section Commander for points and a pennant for out colors, which we are still working on. With all the classes, fire fighting practical, Manual of Arms test, ALFA will become the senior company at 12ØØ tomorrow. Busy and stressful day! I have confidence that ALFA-189 has the ability to rise and meet these challenges with strength. We can and will succeed, stop disappointing our Company Commanders, and become ALFA-189 Coast Guard strong!


26NOV13  WEEK Ø6  DAY Ø2


            The first word that comes to mind when I think about today is INCREDIBLE! ALFA-189 got a perfect 1Ø/1Ø on the Manual of Arms test, and we also got our COLORS!!! We are the only company with colors, and we are the senior company. Boy, do we feel like it! After our Lead Company Commander told us we got a perfect score that is when we got our colors. It was a surreal moment. We were smiling and crying while chanting “ALFA-189.” It was almost like we won the Super Bowl. Our Lead Company Commander told us we earned it, and then things started to change a bit. We no longer square our meals, we sing cadences, we have evening routine, and we are role models for the junior companies. One of our Company Commanders that conducted the Manual of Arms test told us, “I am going to say this one time, and one time only. That was my first Manual of Arms test, and you did fantastic. Now get it out of your head.” Today was amazing, but with this new freedom comes great responsibilities. ALFA must continue to meet or excel the standard that is set. The pride we feel is awesome. Hopefully, our Company Commanders are proud of ALFA. We are finally figuring it out. As we marched around the regiment singing cadence, we actually felt “Ten feet tall and bulletproof!” Tomorrow is a very hectic day, and ALFA-189 needs to stay locked on, keep focused, and maintain their military bearing. We might have another super day, and succeed as a true ALFA company!


27NOV13  WEEK Ø6  DAY Ø3


            Things are alright in the ALFA world. We are definitely getting more freedom and responsibilities, and with that comes pressure. We lost a shipmate today, which was sad and eye opening. It is so easy to make a small mistake and watch it snowball into a mess. Hopefully, ALFA-189 will learn from those mistakes, and not make them. Everyone got their identification cards today, as well as their report dates. We are starting to feel more like members of the Coast Guard. Also, we, the Historians, forgot to mention we had our firefighting practical yesterday, because we were so excited about our colors. We got a general idea how to fight a fire, which will become handy when we get out to the fleet.

            Today, we were out and about on our own going to appointments and other meetings. It is very different being on your own without someone telling when and where things need to be done. The maturity of the company is evident. We have gone from the Company Commanders telling us how to eat, wash, sleep, and do our hair to being on our own. ALFA-189 is getting stronger!


28NOV13  WEEK Ø6  DAY Ø4


            Happy Thanksgiving! ALFA-189 wants to thank all of their families and friends for the support we have been receiving from home. We would like to also thank the families that adopted us for the day. The hospitality and kindness is what ALFA needed. We feel encouraged and energized as we return to training. Operation Fireside is a fantastic operation that helped ALFA-189 not feel as homesick. The care and kindness shown by all who volunteered their time to adopt us really helped our morale. Now, it is back to training. Our Lead Company Commander reminded us that we still have Ø2 weeks left, so we need to be locked on. That is exactly what we plan on doing. ALFA seems energized, and ready to succeed.


29NOV13  WEEK Ø6  DAY Ø5


            Today was another good day for ALFA-189. We started the day with FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! That was a bit of a surprise, which I think was on purpose. ALFA-189 cannot get complacent since more freedom is given to us. The temptation is there. We sang cadence while running today, which everyone loved doing. We also had a class taught by the Training Officer, which was cool. We did a swim circuit, did squad bay maintenance, cleaned more and memorized required knowledge. That wrapped up our day here at Training Center Cape May. Tomorrow we get to have a Pugil Stick fight, and enjoy our on-base liberty. ALFA really needs to be on top of things and locked on. We have 14 days to go, which could be longer for some or not. It really depends on us. Go ALFA-189!




            What better way is there to wake-up to than “FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!” Nothing like jumping out of your rack and sprint outside to wake-up a company. Honestly, it does seem to get the troops moving and awake. Today was a busy day for ALFA-189. We did the Pugil Stick fight, sang cadences as we marched back to Healy Hall, were taught how to wear out Tropical Blue Uniform, and had an inspection for our regular Operational Dress Uniforms. ALFA-189 got to tour a big cutter, smaller cutter, and a small boat station.


We split off into groups, and went to where we would be assigned to out in the fleet. This was awesome for the company. We asked a lot of questions, and got really good answers back so we knew what we would be doing out in the fleet. After out tours, ALFA-189 was given on-base liberty. We were given our cell phones, and a ton of rules to follow with that. Everyone happily marched to the Exchange, and bought all kinds of candy, chocolate, and some other not so healthy food. After the Exchange, we went to the Harborview, which is the all hands club.


We spent time calling our families, eating, talking to each other, and just taking a mental break. Everyone still kept their military bearing, and behaved in the best manner possible. ALFA seems to be maturing more and more every day. We really wanted to do well with the little bit of freedom that they gave us, because we all want to graduate together. So, I would say today was another great day for ALFA-189. Pray that we stay locked on, and are ready to show the world “From the East to the West, ALFA Company is the best.”




            Well, the day started off with ALFA-189 missing their time objective. So, before divine hours commenced one of our company commanders gave us a little “incentive” to help us remember that being late is not good. After that, our divine hours commenced of people going to church, writing letters, or squaring away their things in the squad bays. It seems as if the little bit of liberty we got did not back fire. Everyone was locked on today. After chow and divine hours, we went on another run and sang cadence. We also went to the gym to do push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and a bike workout.  Everyone burned off the junk food from our liberty.


ALFA has a Close Order Drill test Tuesday. One of our company commanders has drilled us over and over again. We need to be perfect at this in order to get a perfect score. The rest of our evening was spent working on uniforms and required knowledge. Tomorrow we start Week Ø7. Everyone in ALFA has to be on spot. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I hope there are no detours. Go ALFA-189!




            Our day started at Ø5ØØ, which is bright and early! ALFA is on a new routine of waking up early and hitting the gym. We are prepping for the Week Ø8 B vattalion Commander’s Physical Fitness Test. That will be fun! We had a few classes on Hazing, First Aid and CPR, which everyone learned a lot from. We also had weigh-ins for Week Ø7. All the females are excited to see how much weight they have lost during this adventure. The males did well on the weigh-ins. ALFA-189 had a great day, and we were locked on. We need to continue to be locked on. Graduation is our goal!




            Today was a good day for ALFA-189. We started it with a workout, then had classes. In Seamanship, we learned line handling and took our final exam. We will find out tomorrow if we get the seamanship pennant for our Colors. So, ALFA-189 took the Close Order Drill test today. It was nerve wrecking because no one wanted to mess up. However, we did awesome because we got a PERFECT SCORE! Our Section Commander said, “We did really well, and he could tell we were giving 1ØØ%.” I think we made our Company Commanders proud, which was our goal. We also passed the Dress Blue Uniform inspection by the Battalion Officer. Minus a few tweaks here and there, we looked sharp. ALFA also got to watch the new forming companies, Foxtrot and Golf, get off the bus at Sexton Hall. That was an eye-opening experience. It is totally different when you are not inside that bus. It makes us really respect all the work our Company Commanders have put into making us the company we are today. We are ALFA-189!




            Today was an exciting day for ALFA-189. Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard is visiting Training Center Cape May. He came to our Seamanship Class to spending the morning with us. What an honor that was. Not every company gets the opportunity to ask questions, and talk with the highest ranking enlisted member in the Coast Guard. After such an exciting morning, we spent a lot of the day doing administration work for our first units, and mentally prepping for this weekend. We found out today that our off-base liberty has been changed to Sunday, because ALFA-189 is participating in the Christmas Parade in Cape May. We will be representing the Coast Guard, so we are all about that. This takes place on Saturday along with the Battalion Commander’s inspection and physical fitness test. It will be a busy day. We are all giving 1ØØ%, and we will all graduate together in Ø8 days.




            We signed our orders today! Now they are official, and ALFA-189 is excited. That was a mile marker for us here in bootcamp. Wow, we have come a long way. Today, our Lead Company Commander took us on a history tour. Almost every building at Training Center Cape May is named after a Coast Guardsman. He took us to each building, and gave us the history. It was a sobering moment. ALFA thought life was tough, but it is far from it. We learned so much about many men who truly gave their life for others. They served their country with great pride. There were some quiet recruits after hearing the history behind these fine Coast Guardsmen. After the tour, ALFA had personal time and classes.


Some of us went to ceremonial to practice marching in the parade for Saturday, and the ones who stayed back did an evolution to see how fast they could clean in a certain amount of time. It was a successful evening. ALFA-189 is a day closer to graduation, but we cannot stop moving forward.




            What a day it was for ALFA-189. We had two major highlights in our day. First, all of our Company Commanders and ALFA marched to the flag pole on the Regiment, and raised the ALFA flag. This shows everyone that we are the Senior Company. I believe we are doing a good job at setting the bar, and making our Company Commanders proud. Last, we got to talk to one of our Company Commanders on a “human” level. He told us about his experiences in the Coast Guard, being stationed at Training Center Cape May, and why he likes training recruits.It was an amazing time. Just to see him on a whole different level, and soaking up everything he said was great.


ALFA-189 also took the final exam today. Everyone did well on the test. We had some recruits chosen to be mentors, demonstrate our Incentive Training sessions, and set-up racks for the new companies Foxtrot and Golf. They say perspective is everything, and it truly is. What seems impossible to them is simple to us. ALFA-189 has really grown since October 25th. Week Ø7 is almost over and we are getting stronger. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for ALFA-189. We have the Battalion Commander’s Physical Fitness Test and Inspection, as well as the Cape May Christmas Parade. It is going to be tough, but we will conquer it.




            Today was a really long day. We had the Battalion Commander’s Physical Fitness Test and Squadbay Challenge. They were both really hard and challenging. We did not do too bad, but we gave 1ØØ%. That is all that matters. The Christmas Parade was awesome. As we marched, people on the streets cheered and screamed for the Coast Guard. They also thanked us for our service to the country. ALFA-189 was honored to march in that parade. Tomorrow is off-base liberty, so hope nobody makes mistakes. I think it will be a nice break after our busy day today. Week Ø7 is coming to a close, and Week Ø8 is on its way. We have got to be on our best behavior, but we are super excited the finish is almost here. GO ALFA-189!




            The day started with the normal wake up, quick breakfast, and then off to church. At church, each person in the senior company got to stand up and state who they are, where they are from, and where they are going to be stationed. It excited us to see how proud the people seemed of us.


After church was OFF-BASE LIBERTY!!! ALFA-189 headed out to Rio Grande, and had a great time. I think everyone visited the famous Wawa, and got coffee at Starbucks. We split to the four winds in different groups. Some went shopping, others watched football at a sports bar, and others went to the movies. Everyone was in a great mood when we got back. To top off our night, we had another debrief with another one of our Company Commanders. We’ve had so many questions for him, and loved hearing his perspective on everything. ALFA spent over an hour and a half talking with him. It was awesome.

            Well, ALFA-189 has exactly Ø4 days and a wake up until we graduate. We have grown so much as individuals, as well as a company in the last two months. Thank you to our dedicated Company Commanders. As the day is closing, ALFA is proud of where they are. We had our rough times, and our really rough times. Those times made us what we are today. We are loud, proud, highly motivated, and truly dedicated Coast Guard recruits.


We are no longer lazy kids, but focused adults. This is ALFA-189’s last log. I am proud of our accomplishments. We were told many times that ALFA had to step up to the plate, and we did with confidence. We worked hard as a small company, but that never effected us. As we prepare for the fleet, everyone is thankful for all the work our Company Commanders and shipmates have done to get us here. We are ALFA strong. We will always remember; DIVIDED WE FAIL, UNITED WE ARE ALFA-189!

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Editor’s Note: This blog post was written by a recruit currently involved in Coast Guard basic training. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this Journal do not necessarily reflect those of Training Center Cape May, the U.S. Coast Guard or the federal government and are the sole opinion of the author. Recruit Journals are written by personnel in a high-stress environment with little time, so please excuse grammar and punctuation in the above article. The staff at Training Center Cape May do not edit the journals in any way, so as to ensure authenticity of the content and messages.