Recruit Journal Bravo 189 Week: o5

Recruit Journal Bravo 189 Week: o5
Formed: October 29, 2013
Graduate: December 20, 2013




People tend to not look forward to Monday’s and here in boot camp, it’s the beginning of another stressful week. We went from having some better days to having one of the hardest days. They say week 05 is called the week 05 dive and sure enough Bravo-189 felt the plunge today. From start to finish it felt like week 02 all over again. We had gotten so used to getting up and being told what to do but when we were just given the go ahead to manage our own time,we could not grasp it.


Figuratively, we were dumped in cold water and we had to find our way out. But that is boot camp, you never know what to expect, just have to be ready for anything and everything. We found out we have to stand graduation support watch and everyone is nervous. We will have to know how to greet and be presentable. It is all eyes on us. We did a few practice runs tonight, but there is nothing that can explain it, but our hearts began to race, making our blood pressure rise, and we began to sweat. We hope for a better day and to get out of this week 05 funk.



It’s difficult to explain exactly how today was. It was a hundred times better than yesterday. We made our morning objective, to get up, get dressed, hair back, faces shaved, and arrive to the chow hall in 15 minutes. It was definitely very hard, but we did it. We then had a busy morning standing multiple watches for graduation. It was a fast-paced day running back and forth making sure everyone was where they were supposed to be. Even with some stress we made it through.


Then the night began to go downhill but we were able to pick it back up and end with a good night. While we sat reading, writing, or shining our boondockers, Delta Company walked around the quarterdeck “playing games”. It makes BRAVO feel like we are doing at least something right. The main thing is to continue to stay on the path of doing things right, because another night like Monday would be the worst thing to happen. Besides we are better than that. We have shown that we are capable, now we just have to continue to show our capacity.



It can be said that today was a better day. We once again made the morning time objective. We then got our dress uniforms. Getting those uniforms was a great feeling. It is like we accomplished 04 ½ weeks and we get a gift of feeling more a part of the Coast Guard. We also received our orders today. The excitement in the eyes of each of us was amazing. Some more excited than others because not everyone got their first choice.  However, a lot of us did. It was plain as day how the rush of knowing where we are going to be stationed. It lifted our hearts and brought joy to us, and in Boot Camp, this is a very rare feeling. The only time your heart rushes that fast is when a Company Commander stops you in the Galley.


It seems that the later weeks of training have more to look forward to, but it is also the time we are expected to know what we need to know. At these later weeks it should already be a routine. The sooner we understand that, the sooner we will be better off. Once we can understand this, it can relieve stress of having our Company Commanders with us at all time. We won’t need to be “baby sat” anymore. But like all thing in training and in the real world, good things have to be earned; they are not just given. Speaking of giving, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we get to go on Operation Fireside. This means we get taken in by a family and spend the day with them. All of us are excited. Even though it will be different and we will all be missing our families, it is an opportunity to experience something new. But that is just part of being here in boot camp, there is always something to learn and experience.




It is absolutely safe to say that today was one of the best days of Boot Camp. It was hard having to be away from the ones we love, but being able to spend a holiday with a person that waits on a list for just the possibility of maybe taking in a recruit is something so beautiful. It makes the meaning of Holidays so much more special. These families open up their homes to people they don’t know, give their belongings out to be used whenever you want, and give you the warmth of care at a time that we all feel alone within ourselves.


It is amazing how many people want to be a part of Operation Fireside. It’s so special because each family is different but they share the support that want to give to the Coast Guard and each individual recruit. I believe BRAVO-189 can agree that being part of Operation Fireside has motivated each one of us that this process is hard but we are capable. Anything is possible, we just need the kick in the rear to push forward. We have gotten closer to the end, this is when we have to pick-up the slack and grow and prosper.




In boot camp you have to be prepared to expect the unexpected. Sometimes you feel like there is a routine and then we get thrown off with a surprise change. Today we went to chow, came back, then went to class doing what we usually do and then on our way back from afternoon chow we were told we 08 minutes to pack all our stuff and take it to Healy Hall. It was hectic. Everyone was freaking out and trying to get things done. Walking around the regiment was hard, everyone was dropping things and seabags were slipping off our backs. It was the worst. We all tried to help each other and make sure everyone was okay and above all, not get hurt.


When we had time to put our things away and settle into our new “house”, it hit us we’ll soon be in week 06 and we are one of the senior companies. It takes me back to our first week here and thinking how far away these weeks felt but they sure did fly by. Being here Healy Hall really puts things in perspective. We are not far from the end and that means we are closer to the real world. And now it is the time we begin to prove we are proud to be Coast Guardsmen. We need to make sure to stay focused. We once again lost another shipmate. And it just brings the bulkheads down on us. We have become very close and losing people has been hard to see. But like all things here we have to learn from the mistakes and not repeat them. Our future depends on it.


(Company Commander Note: They change of berthing location for the Company does not affect mail. Please keep addressing mail the same)



The days in boot camp continue to fly by. But they are still long. Today was expected to be a good day. We were able to do the confidence course. That was a huge moral booster. As we all went through the obstacles it felt as if it was our lives. There are so many obstacles in our lives we have to learn to manage with work-life balance. You just have to take a “leap of faith” and hope not to fall on your face. All of us took a leap of faith by coming here to boot camp and as we get closer to graduation it gets more stressful, but we have to learn to manage. There are so many things we want for our company such as colors, to stop loosing people, and to make it through these difficult weeks. We all it in us, we just all need to realize it.


The more time we spend with our company commanders the more we get to know them. And what can be said is that most of us have realized our company commanders do care about us. they don’t yell to hear their own voice, they do it because they expect nothing less than perfection. The same way we have gotten to know them, they have gotten to know us. We can’t continue to be forgetful or slack off. We can’t afford to and we know better. Not to mention incentive training is the last thing we want to be doing at night, and we should be passed all this. It is time to show the regiment who BRAVO-189 is.



The main question everyone is asking themselves is, “What is going on with BRAVO-189?” It seems like every day we set ourselves back. We have lost our minds. It cannot be cleared out to exactly say what is causing all this hardship. We are frustrated with each other and that alone takes a huge toll on the entire company. Today was a day filled basically paying for all the mistakes we have been making, and it has to stop.


Not one person in Bravo wants to be doing these things. The reality is that we shouldn’t be. We should be doing productive things and not all this incentive training. Things are not going to change until we make the change. Tomorrow is the first day of week 06 and hopefully not another day like today will happen again. We have so much more to prepare for and not much time to have it perfect. BRAVO-189 needs to get their heads back in the game.

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