It’s not JUST 8 weeks: Workout Program

CAPE MAY, N.J - A Coast Guard recruit at Training Center Cape May does pushups during incentive training July 31, 2012. Incentive training is not only a tool for correcting misconduct and negative behavior, but it also prepares the recruits for their physical fitness assessment. Coast Guard photo by Chief Warrant Officer Donnie Brzuska.We’re proud to introduce the “It’s not JUST 8 weeks: Workout Program.” This  three-month program is aimed at preparing recruits not just for the Week 01 physical fitness assessment but also focuses on preventing some of the most common injuries we see during recruit training.

Many applicants underestimate the physical challenges of recruit training in the Coast Guard, and as a result, they either fail the physical fitness assessment or are injured. More than 30 percent of recruits suffer some sort of injury while at Training Center Cape May, and the majority of these injuries can be directly linked to a lack of physical preparation. An injured recruit will most likely not graduate on time and will be rephrased to a later week of training.

If a recruit fails their initial physical fitness assessment in Week 01, or their first week of training, they will not form with their company. They will be placed in Physical Fitness Hold for no more than 28 days. A recruit who cannot pass the physical fitness assessment after 28 days in Physical Fitness Hold will be discharged from service.

The workout routines are a countdown to an applicant’s ship date from Month 03 to Month 01. “It’s not JUST 8 weeks: Month 03” should be used by applicants at least three months prior to shipping to Training Center Cape May. “It’s not JUST 8 weeks: Month 02” should be used by applicants at least two months prior to shipping, and “It’s not JUST 8 weeks: Month 01” should be used by applicants at least one month prior to shipping.

This program is a six-day exercise routine that encompasses strength and cardiovascular conditiong. A six-day workout routine may seem like a lot, but recruits workout at least three or four times a day seven days a week. It’s not uncommon in the early weeks of training for a recruit to work out or physically train more than seven times a day.

These workout routines can be applied across the week in a variety of ways dependent on a person’s schedule. The easiest example is to workout out Monday through Saturday and rest Sunday.

Your Month 03 routine will include the following:


Your Month 02 routine will include the following:

Your Month 01 routine will including the following:

You should start every workout with our Dynamic Warm Up and end every workout with our Recovery Program . These short warm up and cool down sessions are critical to ensure soft tissue and muscles are properly stretched, warmed up, and cooled down to prevent injury before and after vigorous exercise. You can easily navigate to all of our physical training materials by clicking here. You can find videos introductions to the workouts on our YouTube playlist by clicking here.

Please feel free to post your progress here or on the workouts themselves. You can also find support on our Facebook page. We encourage you to interact with our staff on Facebook and your future shipmates on our Facebook page.

Remember, it’s not JUST 8 weeks. It’s Training Center Cape May. Come Ready.

Workout designed by Kristy Graul, ATC, and Sherilyn Neri, MS, ATC

Important note: Please consult a physician prior to beginning any exercise regimen or program. Be safe.

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