Recruit Journal Golf 189: Week 06

Recruit Journal Golf 189: Week 06
Formed: Dec. 3, 2013
Graduates: Jan. 24, 2014

International Maritime Signal Flag Golf

International Maritime Signal Flag Golf

05 Jan 14
Sunday, the end of week five this day started out with beautiful weather and our divine hours. Of course the weather and our light schedule did not represent our performance in the evening. The mid part of the day consisted of a nice run and workout, we then headed back to the house to clean our bodies and prepare for the night ahead of us. While at the house we were ordered to pack our seabags and everything that we own in 15 minutes we rushed but failed the time objective. Then we moved all of our things to Healy Hall to take our position as a senior company. We went straight to chow from there then back. Once back at Healy we began a series of “tests” cleaning the squad bay, then in the process of being able to set up our racks we blew it and took a nice case of piece incentive training. We got 35 minutes to stow everything we own properly; we were then late on that time objective. The rest of the night for the most part was full of failure. As we began week 06 we really need to lock it on and realize the attitude needs to change, and take on the senior role.

06 Jan 14
Another early morning in Cape May today but this wasn’t exactly an abrupt wake up for us, we were woken up by our yeomen to take muster and then straight to chow for breakfast, to enjoy the coffee we had earned that Sunday. Seamanship was next on the agenda the first class was on firefighting, that class took us until lunch chow. Our workout of the day was after that with a pool workout. Back at the squad bay afterwards we began practicing for or big manual of arms test the following day, we need to pass this test. The rest of our night was uneventful but in all I would say it was a good first full days at Healy hall as well as the start of WEEK 06.

07 Jan 14
The day started out at 08 degrees and the wind chill factor brought that down to about -03 degrees. Just that temperature alone pretty much tells you how our day was… aside from the mood of the day that started the day by heading to Goff hall for another firefighting class. This brought us all the way to lunch chow, which we completely messed up getting to. From then on it was as if we had tripped and just didn’t want to get back up. After chow was a weight lifting workout and from there back to the house were we took a quick shower and then went to dinner chow, but of course we messed up that as well.

After chow we had our travel entitlements class which made things seem to get better but this was false. Of course the days performance carried over through the night for some squad bay incentive training, the night was not fun but we did deserve it. We ended the night on only half of our evening routine then hit the rack on a somber note but we always remember tomorrows a brand new training day.

08 Jan 14
Day 03 of week six started off pretty much not the way it should be for this far into training. First thing we messed up on was we didn’t do linens correctly and we were just unorganized in the galley. Anyways after chow we stepped off to our first class that was for info on first units. Then we headed to the administration building for our military identification cards which were really cool for all of us. After that we headed to lunch followed by some incentive training that we deserved for the past two days and the morning to get on track with to the way we can and could be acting. Once that was over we went to get our dress uniforms refitted. Back at the house after that we did manual of arms practice to prepare for the big test which had been postponed to the following day. The end of the night was fairly average besides a lot of shipmates having ramp but we are getting back to some order that needs to carry through the rest of training.

09 Jan 14
Thursday week 06 was a really busy day, it started like every other training day and early wake up and off to breakfast chow. From there we stepped off to Goff Hall for our fire fighting practical. This was really cool aside from the fact it was all fake fire. That class took us until lunch time so we marched 20 minutes back to the galley. Our manual of arms test was next so the nerves were setting in we got a little bit of time to practice but then it was time. The testing started great all until the required knowledge section… we failed that part horribly but still got 08 of 10. We also got some piece incentive training. Next was too the confidence course for a little morale booster, it was awesome and we were accompanied by our mentors from Barnegat Light that participated in the course with us. On our way marching back from this we made some mistakes but got it together and got home. We then went to our next class on travel entitlements and then to chow. The rest of the night was all at the house just squad bay maintenance and uniform maintenance then on to some evening routine then time to hit the rack.

Today was Friday and graduation day for Delta and Echo 189. We woke up and did our normal routine got to chow then back home. For most of the morning until chow we had personal time in the squad bay and did graduation support. This consisted of greeting and opening doors as well as directing traffic when needed. This task took us until lunch with some of us having to strag because watch lasted so long. At lunch chow we got our coffee privileges, which made everyone so relieved. Next we were off to a sexual assault class taught by our Training Officer Commander Smith. It was an interesting class, from there we had a pool workout and then right back to chow again, the next couple hours had consisted of various things for everyone, a lot of us went to choir, some stayed at the squad bay for maintenance and had to clean the gym. Once everyone was back at the house we all got on the quarter deck for some words from Chief Griffin and Petty Officer Garver. They got us to charge our phones for liberty the following day and talked to us about our colors that we can buckle down and earn. We ended the night on a great note, had evening routine and hit the racks. This is when we really become a company!

Another morning starting at 0530, up out of the rack, into the head and off to chow. We had a busy morning ahead of us all leading up to our on-base liberty that everyone could not wait to begin. Before that could happen we came back to the house from chow and dawned full sweats, we were going on a company run with the new senator of New Jersey. The route we took was outside the base and around the neighborhood, we sang cadence the whole way lead by our company commanders. It was pretty cool we got a glimpse of our colors as we were allowed to march with them during this. The beginning part of the day was dedicated to showing Senator Booker how we do things at Cape May.

Next we got our pieces and changed into our operational dress uniforms to show how we do our manual or arms, of course right before we had to do this; in front of the Senator no less we got a full piece incentive training session. We still did a good job though. We got some insight into our first units today we could tour our size cutter or station and were able to get questions answered by the crew. The part of the day that was all we could think about commenced next our on-base liberty, before we could go we were briefed by Petty Officer Garver the rules we must follow. He gave us some words of wisdom and set us free.

Everyone grabbed their cell phones and was off faster than shipmates when watch is complete. Everyone headed straight to the exchange to treat themselves then over to the harbor view to relax and talk to our families and kind of catch up with life on the outside world. To make sure everyone was locked back on we packed up early and headed back to the house, dropped our phones and commenced evening routine. Overall it was a fine day, so we hit the racks on a good and motivational note.

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