Recruit Journal Juliet 189: Week 03

Recruit Journal Juliet 189: Week 03
Formed: Jan. 14, 2014
Graduates: March 7, 2014

International Maritime Signal Flag

International Maritime Signal Flag


Happy Monday! Today starts week 04 for Juliet-189, half way mark, yet it seems like we have only just begun. Today was a long day. We spent 09 hours at the Armory today, learning so many interesting details. We also got to practice our shooting with the electronic simulator, which was quite an eye opener for some of us who have never shot a gun!

For a long class day, it was a good day, my shipmates and I kept control over our military bearing, standing properly, responding correctly and of course sounding off! Of course there were still a few mistakes made, but much less than our last few classes. After class we had our individual pictures taken, and what a reality check that was. We all started to realize that we are getting close to the finish line. It was very humbling to help your shipmates put their name tags on, and make sure their hats were straight and ensure each other that we looked good in our “dress uniforms.”

It was only a short period of time that we were getting our photos done, but you could see the pride, honor and joy in each and every person. Shortly after we were back at James Hall for review sessions, I speak for every one of my shipmates when I say those review sessions help! After the review we learned port arms and piece nomenclature, it may not seem very exciting, but to Juliet-189 it’s the highlight of our day.

That’s why we are here to be pushed mentally and physically, to overcome the obstacles of required knowledge and Incentive Training, to become respected men and women of the United States Coast Guard. Today was a good, a nice start to week 04, hopefully Juliet-189 continues to grow as a team and keeps succeeding.


Homage ought to be paid to the “Chewy Bar Moment”. It’s a quirky, but well liked part of our daily routine here at Cape May.

From the day we arrived we were instructed to bring 02 apple cinnamon granola bars back to the squad bay after evening chow every single night. Receiving them the first night from the orientation company commanders, myself and a number of my shipmates looked at each other and at the bars in surprise. We all thought, “is this real?, is this a break?, A desert?, a way to ensure we all receive enough calories?” Honestly we’re still not really sure of the purpose, but we all enjoy eating them each night around 2015. But it’s usually a nice moment of peace and quiet!!! For us it’s the little victories that carry us through the day!!!


“Effort”, we’ve all had it said to us at one time or another. “Put a little effort in and see what will happen.” Seems like Juliet-189 still has a ways to go before we stop getting “Jacked Up” for not trying. Don’t get me wrong, we have some good days and maybe even some great little moments, but it’s a long road from civilian to Coast Guardsmen!

In all honesty I believe we have made some significant improvements, as shipmates we communicate more to complete tasks, to make use of our time we have started simple routines in order to get each other out the door faster. Granted we aren’t always on time, but we are trying, trying desperately to get dressed , make our beds, clean the heads and get all the standing water out of the sinks.

As company Juliet-189 we have to continue to make an effort to be better, keep helping and encouraging each other to do their best. Whether that means reminding someone to square knot their boots or to hold their chewy bars in their right hand, maybe zero your locks. Needless to say we are making mistakes but learning.
As a team we will tackle each day from “Fire, Fire, Fire” to “chow, chow, chow”, we will continue to try as best we can!!!


R.A.M.P. Recruit Aptitude Motivational Program. This is one of the worst things for recruits. When one hears “You’re going to RAMP” they cringe in fear. RAMP is a program one goes to when they either got in trouble, did something wrong or forgot something. The whole time during RAMP you are constantly moving. It’s definitely not a good time. Hopefully we will start to have less people go to RAMP in the next few weeks. I think things will start looking up soon for Juliet-189, at least I hope. We still have a ways to go, but as long as we all put in max effort, we’ll get there together. That’s all for now…… Please send us letters!!


“DREAM SHEETS” went out yesterday!!!!
Dream Sheet is the laymen term for our official billet (job opening) request. We have the opportunity to rank our preferences for the District we would like to be stationed at for our first unit with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii, which are their own Districts.

Districts expand over multiple states. As always, the needs of the service come first!! Therefore placement is a bit of a gamble. Each one of us was made aware of this before we signed the dotted line. So it was a nerve wracking but exciting moment for us all. Now we all anxiously await as the detailers match preferences to needs, to determine our fate. Keep fingers crossed for us!!!
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