India 189 Recruit Journal: Week 07

India 189 Recruit Journal: Week 07
Formed:Jan. 7, 2014
Graduates: February 28, 2014

International Maritime Signal Flag

International Maritime Signal Flag India

Week 07 for India company was different than the rest. There was a lot more classes and work to be done. We had to work as a team because Friday night we had a four-hour evolution that forced us to work together and also see who worked better together. Still the excitement of graduation being around the corner was in the back of everyone’s mind the whole time. We also had off base liberty on Saturday and when we go back it seemed as though everyone was ready to complete training. No one knew if it was the coffee we enjoyed or the sleep that some people got. This week may have been the week that India company bonded more than anytime, having to work together and depend on one another.

This week we also signed our official orders to places all over the United States and more. Though we will all be separated at the end of week 08 it’s still more than enough that we all got to be here together and go through some of the worse times together and gradually as it got better, we also got much better. There is nothing that anyone could ask for then a great ending to a long week.

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