Papa Company 189 Recruit Journal: Week 05

International Maritime Signal Flag Papa

International Maritime Signal Flag Papa

Formed: March 25, 2014
Graduates: May 16, 2014

Monday the 21st of April brought a new week of training just like every other week, but week 05 was not like every other week of training. Week 05 brought with it the strict time objectives of “Search and Rescue” week. Since forming weekend our company commanders have truly stressed the importance of moving fast. Moving fast means life or death in the Coast Guard. Although many put forth their best efforts and some made the time objectives much of Papa-189 failed to meet the task. This lead to more remedial sessions and incentive training.

After our first morning of waking up and being tasked with making it to chow we headed to seamanship for a class on Risk Management a subject BM2 Thompson greatly stressed. One of our greatest fears over the weekend arrived that Monday, we had Master Chief Berry’s uniform inspection. Blue Operational Dress Uniforms had to be perfect down to the thread. Recruit Aptitude Motivational Program was the result of this inspection for many recruits. This week on Tuesday we enjoyed another step towards feeling more official. We were fitted for dress uniforms. The subject of Seamanship on Monday was personal flotation devices, but first we had to take our seamanship mid-term. Continuing the tradition of Coast Guard service to others, Papa-189 donated blood on Thursday to the American Red Cross. That same day we moved from James Hall to Healy, which is a big step. Friday we served as watch for the senior company’s graduation. We had the great opportunity to talk to our Mentors on Saturday and they even ran the confidence course with us. On the last day of the week we actually made it to chow on time! We also had the great experience of running off base with the senior company.

The story of this week has been trying to get this right that we already know how to do and work together as Papa-189.

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