Tango 189 Recruit Journal: Week 03

International Maritime Signal Flag Tango

International Maritime Signal Flag Tango

Formed: April 29, 2014
Graduates: June 20, 2014


“Underway is the only way” A direct quote from PO Williams himself. However, today our title comes with a deeper understanding than any of us ever expected. Tango-189 is now underway. For us that means that we are finally moving forward to the outside world which may seem insane. 03 weeks and now we are making moves. Yes now we are making moves as a unit as one. Now we can grow together. In the beginning it was like a game of tug of war us on one side and company commanders on the other and we lost every time. Today started like that too. PO Russo had the pleasure of waking us up and unfortunately for her, we weren’t ready to step it up yet. That came later. We are 84 recruits and 03 company commanders. “The pain train is coming” and it is Tango-189.


Day 02 of week 03. It seems like Tango is building steam. The terrible Tangos are on their way and on a mission to drop the terrible. We lost two more but we are still 83 strong. We learned about our history and how the Coast Guard came to be what it is today. Tango is starting to become closer and is beginning to work together more efficiently. We are slowly and painfully at times evolving into Coast Guardsmen that we are destined to be. This is what boot camp is all about. But let’s face it have you ever had to come together with 83 strangers from all corners of the united states and work together as a team.


Fire fire fire (Fire Drill) is our usual wake up call. For some reason it seems to be getting every day to wake up to those three obnoxious four letter words. Our morning routine of workout, “Fang” brushing, face shaving (or for the females “Doing something with our wig pieces”). Morning chow is becoming habit like. Once we got done with that it was off to get our core workout in with Mr. Hingston in the “dungeon” (Basket Ball Court).Our Wednesday highlight, is our visit from Chaplain McGraw at night. He brings us information about what’s going on in the outside world. Anything from music hits, movie box office info, sports stats, and jokes. Tango-189 will keep trucking along and keep pushing and we will succeed.


Today was filled with classes. We learned more about Coast Guard history and finally got our intro to Seamanship. A lot of hands on training and practical knowledge. We manage one time objective and fail another. That really gets PO Russo and PO Williams off their rockers. Tango is off to get some sleep before we embark on another day. PO Williams is waking us up in the morning which means the pain train is headed our way…choo…choo…


This Friday can be described in one word wet… Between sweating from incentive training in the morning, nervous sweat in the galley, team building on the quarterdeck and tsunami-ish rain all day. We were a bit damp. With rain wind and more rain we got a chance to see what we will face in the real world. As our lead company commander (Chief McKenna) would say “anybody can save someone on the fourth of July when it’s 90 degrees with board shorts and bikinis!” Thanks for the dose of reality weather now let’s learn to use it tango…


“Weekends are for the weak” Safe to say that if you get a break on the weekends, you aren’t in boot camp and you definitely aren’t in Tango. Although everyday becomes more real reality came as a curve ball today in the form of reversion. It’s kind of like waiting for your favorite team to lose. You hope that they can pull it together in those last few seconds and as you’re on the edge of your seat waiting, you watch them lose. Jump right into week 04 Tango….


Sunday fun day…. Sunday started off pretty bumpy and it wasn’t Tango’s fault for one. The senior company made a huge back up in the galley for morning chow. For those of us that went to church services, there was a refreshing break from the madness for an hour. For those who didn’t it was still a nice calm before the storm. We were treated by our Lead Company Commander to a mock run through of our physical fitness test which is coming up on Wednesday. We went on a tour of Healy Hall and Munro Hall. We went to bed tire and beat but still excited to greet Monday morning’s fire drill as week 04 recruits….

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