Victor 189 Recruit Journal Week 02

Victor 189 Recruit Journal

International Maritime Signal Flag Victor

International Maritime Signal Flag Victor

Formed: May 13, 2014

Graduates: July 03, 2014

Victor-189 Week 02 Summary

 Victor 189 has definitely got a taste of bootcamp. Meeting our Company Commanders was the worst thing to ever happen to any of us and possibly the best if we can endure the weeks to come. Before boot camp we were warned about incentive training, but you have to experience it to even get a grasp of how painful it is. The company is finally starting to be more of a team but still struggles with time objectives which results in more incentive training. The food is delicious and we have the pleasure of watching the sunrise every morning, even though it is from the push up position. We have been through a lot this week, and it has been tough, for some of us it is probably the toughest week we have ever had. We can’t seem to do anything right and the Company Commanders always know! Looking forward to week 03 … who are we kidding… looking forward to week 08!


International Maritime Signal Flag Victor

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