Victor 189 Recruit Journal Week 03


International Maritime Signal Flag Victor

International Maritime Signal Flag Victor

Formed:  May 13, 2014

Graduates:  July 03, 2014



Week 03 has been a roller coaster ride for V-189. We have had our moments of success, but we still fail our goals more than we should. The lesson that V-189 has learned this week is that we must give 100% 24/7. We have to stay focused at all times and get the job done. V-189 got a taste of success and became relaxed and not focused on what we should be doing. Our company commanders were quick to remind us that doing what you’re supposed to do only some of the time, will not be acceptable. They thoroughly disciplined us for the majority of Thursday to Saturday. Then we finally got back on the right track. It taught us a valuable lesson and that is what boot camp is about. We still have a long way to go but we will strive to get better every day.

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