Sierra 189 Recruit Journal Week 07


International Maritime Signal Flag Sierra

International Maritime Signal Flag Sierra

Formed:  April 15, 2014

Graduates:  June 06, 2014

Week 07



Monday of week 07 is a good day. We begin with an early wake-up at 0500 so we can go to the gym and be ready to work out by 0530. We’re on the bikes until 0630, and then we knock out a few pull-ups so we can shower and get to chow on time. Then we attend a short Memorial Day ceremony before going to class. Our Lead CC takes u through a class on hazing, and then we spend a good bit of the day doing a First Aid/CPR class. After we return to the squad bay, we are piece I.T.-ed and sat in sniper position for some discrepancies in the male squad bays and heads. After evening chow, we pack all of our stuff up in our seabags and march the long way around the regiment to the beach, which only means one thing: earning our colors. We are I.T.-ed on the beach, sand flying everywhere, until our Lead CC turns us around and yells “Go get ‘em!” So we all run full-force toward the company flag and have a short celebration four our small milestone. After, the evening routine resumes as usual, and we hit the racks at 2200. Wish us many more days like this!


Tuesday of week 07 begins at 0500, at the gym at 0530, and then showered and ready to step off for chow by 0700. We go to seamanship, where we learn abour line handling, and even go outside to do a little line-handling ourselves. After noon chow, we go to the pool for a swim circuit (right after eating, I know) and then return to the squad bay. We then go through a uniform inspection with the Battalion Officer, before changing back into Operational Dress Uniforms and going to dinner chow. Upon return to the squad bay, we review Manual of Arms until 2030, when we take evening muster and start evening routine. 2200 comes before we know it, and we only have 10 days left. Wish us luck!


Our morning starts with another workout at 0530, then it’s off to Seamanship for our final. We all pass, and earn the seamanship pennant for our colors (which we’ve named Cthulu). After, we return to the regiment for lunch chow and administrative time. Then we clean the squad bay until dinner chow, and then we are given more administrative time, when Master Chief Berry takes us to get our pieces cleans by shipmates from the senior-most company, Romeo-189. We are doing that until 2125, when we shower and get ready for lights out. Today was a good day, and Sierra-189 I relieved that only nine day remain!


Eight days remain in recruit training for Sierra-189, and we have another good day. Our morning starts with a workout, and then we are given administrative time until we have to be in class. Our classes consist of government vehicles and STD’s and contraceptives today, two seemingly random topics that are more important than we think right now. By that time, it’s dinner chow, and then back to the squad bay. Then out again for marching and a little incentive training to top it off. We go back to the “house” for some squad bay maintenance, showers, and then our Assistant CC gives us time to study for our final tomorrow. Wish us luck!


The countdown continues: seven days left. We start the day with an early workout, and then after chow, we go take our final exam. The entire company passes, and we earn the final pennant for our colors. We are given administrative time until noon chow, and after, we take our marching and Manual of Arms test. We are given satisfactory marks, which disappoint most of us. But, apparently, our scores beat Romeo-189, so for that, we are thankful. After, our Lead CC takes us to the regimental flagpole and incentively trains us until our company colors are hoisted to the top. This means we are officially the senior company of the regiment, which means that all eyes are on us. We do the confidence course again, this time producing more successes. We have more administrative time, dinner chow, and then uniform maintenance until evening muster. Then evening routine and lights out at 2200. Tomorrow is our Off-Base Liberty, which we’re extremely ecited for. Wish us luck!



Saturday of week 07, and only six days left. We wake up at 0530 to do muster and go to chow. And then we change into our dress blues so we can go on our off-base liberty. After a lengthy brief from our Lead Company Commander, we are marched to the front gates of Tracen Cape May and are told to “stay the freak away” from the base until 2030. And trust us, we have no qualms with doing so. Until 2030, we ate, used and abused our cell phones, and pampered ourselves in two little towns near Cape May. Alas, time flies when you’re having fun, so 2030 comes faster than we’d ever want it to. When we get back, we shower and get ready for lights out, but our Assistant CC stops us and tells us to sit down around him “like it’s story time”. We end up doing a Basic Training Debrief, which is sitting down and talking with our CC’s like we’re normal people. It was enlightening as well as entertaining, and we can’t wait for the other two! We get a late lights out, but we think it’s worth it!


Five days left in recruit training, and it’s Sunday of week 07. We are able to sleep in until 0600, and then go to chow, and commence divine hours at 0800. Our five hours pass very quickly, as per usual, and after noon chow, we are given a bunch of “free” time to contact our units or “mill about smartly”. That evening, we go on an off-base Company Run with all of our Company Commanders, and we’re slightly saddened, because it was our Lead CC’s last off-base company run. Our Section Commander tells us to shed a tear, and some of us almost do. After, we return to the squad bay to shower and get ready for lights out, but are able to have our Debrief with our Lead CC. Another experience both hilarious and informative, we appreciate the time. Tomorrow is the beginning of week 08, and we can’t wait!


Week 07, true to one of the cadences our Company Commanders do, really did feel like heaven. We have definitely adjusted fully to recruit training, and are more than likely prepared to go out into the fleet. We passed both of the finals, earned our colors, had a successful off-base liberty, ran our Lead CC’s last off-base run, and completed two debriefs! We’ve gotten so much accomplished n just seven short days! And no less, we only have five days left! The pressure is on next week, more so than the other weeks of training, but we are confident that we can handle it. We are Sierra-189!  


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