Uniform 189 Recruit Journal Week 05



International Maritime Signal Flag Uniform

International Maritime Signal Flag Uniform

Uniform 189 Recruit Journal Week 05

Formed: May 06, 2014

Graduates: June 27, 2014




First day into June and the countdown really begins. Divine Hours is really necessary for boot camp: personal time, prepping for the upcoming week, and prepping for run ins with the Battalion Commander. Apparently, he doesn’t blink twice when reverting a recruit, so we need to have everything down packed. We all took time to quiz each other, ready our racks, and iron uniforms. Our LCC informed us to be ready for a 3 mile run today; our hearts dropped a little. How can you IT us all day yesterday and expect us all to run 03 miles? It ended up being a great run. The weather was nice, we hollered and sang, and overall enjoyed it. Most shipmates didn’t think they would perform all that well. No one fell behind and no one walked. Mission Complete. Before boot camp, I loved the weekend, in boot camp, I hate it. We don’t attend classes and have too much time on our hands. Therefore, we are prone to getting into trouble for stupid reasons; talking, touching our faces, leaning on bulkheads. We struggle with military bearing when we think no one is looking. But someone is always looking. When one shipmate fails, we all fail. There were lots of IT and piece IT today and man did it hurt. My rack is looking like cake and ice cream. Time is ticking and tomorrow will officially start week 05.


02 JUN 14

Week 05 begins. Today wasn’t a bad start comparatively; we’ve had some bad weeks start off on the wrong foot. We started off by going to chow wicked early. 0545 compared to our usual after 0600. When you wake-up and immediately are forced to eat, and you know you should eat a decent bit because you’re going to have a long day. You have to choke down the food. Overall the food here isn’t bad, but we all agree, the eggs are bad. After chow we got hack to the squad bays, and changed into PF gear and went out to the track for a run. We’re getting prepared for an off base fun this coming Sunday. That is a 3.5 mile and should be fun. The rest of the day was at Seamanship and then get ready for the Battalion Commander Inspection. The inspection happened later in the day, and everyone was on eggshells. The rumors were true. If you mess-up from here on out, you get reverted. No one wants that. 8 weeks was plenty. Luckily for the most part, we passed. 01 more day at Cape May down.

03 JUN 14

Today was halfway decent, but hot. The weather here in Cape May is strange, hot one minute, cold the next, raining, windy, sunny, hot…We were issued our dress uniforms today. It took all morning to get us sized. Today is the 3rd of June; our graduation date is quickly approaching. Each day moves like molasses, but when you get to the end of the week it seems like the blink of an eye. The higher up in weeks you go, the more is expected of you. Uniforms must be perfect, racks must be in order 24/7, and you must know all of your required knowledge in case you are stopped in the galley by a Company Commander, or worse, a Section Commander, who can revert you on the spot if you screw up a single word in a single sentence. So the pressure goes way up. Personally, I am nervous about the upcoming weeks, but at the same time I’m excited about graduation. Getting fitted for dress uniforms was a proud moment. We are excited about getting our orders this week. I personally put in for Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, and Florida. So nervous but excited at the same time. Looking forwards to the coming weeks. And to everyone reading this, we miss you and are thinking of you.

04 JUN 14

Today was alright I suppose. There were a lot of classes and it seemed to drag on. We went for another run, it was fun. Our LCC noticed our class schedule for the day and took us out to get our blood moving again from all the classes. We are doing less IT and more running and gym workouts which is what we prefer. We are tired from classes and watches, and our tempers are starting to flare a little towards each other. I know its cause of the sleep deprivation because we snap at each other over the smallest things such as who is taking out the trash. It all good though, we are moving forward.

05 JUN 14

03 more days from our off base run. According to our cadences, we love to double time, so we’re pretty amped. We are also 02 days from Pugil Sticks and confidence course. From what we can see, it looks pretty fun. Ever watch the show Gladiators? Where the bodybuilders tried to knock each other down with giant q-tips? That’s pugil sticks. Today was productive and highly anticipated as the active duty members got their orders. We attend class in the morning about finances and reporting onboard our new units. Later on this evening, we had a blood drive and we all signed up to donate. Our LCC told us we needed to because it was the first act we can do to assist the American people as a Coast Guardsmen, and choosing not to donate cause your scared of needles was a bad excuse and he would find a way to make us suffer if that was our excuse. Not everyone was able to donate because of different types of shots or medications we are on, but everyone had to volunteer to attempt to give. No one really gave it another thought and everyone signed up. Later on, our LCC started to act a little heated up. He yells at us to get down to the classroom, and we were anticipating the worse. Instead, he called on us individually and presented us with our orders. Everyone lit up; heads were up and there were smiles, I believe shipmates even got teary eyed. I cannot wait to tell my family the news. Everyone was excited, no disappointments.

06J UN 14

21 days and counting until we leave this hole called boot camp. Today also marks a whole month we have been here. Today was another huge day, very inspiring. Unfortunately, we lost another 02 shipmates to reversion. We wish the best for them in Victor. We were inspected by our Section Commander and like every other boss you encounter “they do not play”. We were informed by our CC this was going to happen at some point this week, we just didn’t know when. In other news, we had lunch with some Chiefs, Senior Chiefs, and Master Chiefs who were visiting TRACEN Cape May. When I think over encountering a Chief on the regiment, I expect being quizzed and inspected, so I assumed this was going to be a terrible lunch. Instead, they were smiling and giving out advice. We were told “when you chose your rate, you chose your fate”. This evening we moved from James Hall to Healy Hall where the Senior Companies reside. It was a nice feeling. Well except for the backaches of carrying everything you own from one building to the next and going up two stories. The idea of leaving here soon has everyone more cohesive, working together as a team. About time! It’s sad it took us 05 weeks to get to this point, but we are well on our way. Each week has something to look forward to, this week was orders and short phone calls home, next week on-base liberty, then off-base liberty, then graduation. Let the countdown commence.

07 JUN 14

Today was bad. Really bad. We were all looking forward to getting to call home in the evening, but recruits were stopped in the Galley and didn’t know basic required knowledge, so we got the hammer dropped on us for 5 ½ hours straight. The morning started off pretty good. We had pugil sticks and confidence course. A lot of fun, but it was hot. Then we had lunch. That was it. It got very intense, very quick due to shipmates not knowing their required knowledge. We got our orders, but we want our phone calls home to tell our families. My mind is a puddle right now, and I am tired. We are getting worried we won’t figure out everything in time for graduation. Too many things on our plate. It’s nerve racking and driving us all nuts.

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