Whiskey 189 Recruit Journal Week 04

International Maritime Signal Flag Whiskey

Whiskey 189 Recruit Journal   Week 04

Formed: May 20, 2014

Graduates: July 11, 2014

Whiskey-189 has finally reached its half way point in training and moving into week 05 quicker than ever. This week meant a lot of big testing for the company both intellectually and physically. Some blew their physical fitness tests out of the water and a few others barely fell short. We also took a helmsman practical, a knot-tying practical, and our midterm. On top of all of our mental stress, Petty Officer Casey took us to the gym for yet another bike workout however, this time the top female and male earned the privilege to call home for several minutes. We’re up to 600 calories on the bikes and aim to reach up to the seemingly impossible 800 calories in 45 minutes by the end of things. Sometimes things seem to be far out of reach here, whether it be a workout or simply an expectation but somehow, someway, and sometimes hours of drilling later we get it.

This week Whiskey began to share our house with not one but two other companies, the newly formed Yankee and the older DEPOT group. Living with new recruits, who we have to pretend do not exist, definitely poses many challenges, but it has also created a friendly rivalry. We are louder than ever and mean to show these young recruits how things are done.

With great stress also came more freedom. Whiskey has begun to run in cadence, “singing” songs to keep in step. We hope by the end of week 05 we will be able to march and run in the parade coming up on Saturday.

Whiskey is more of a team now than we ever have been even with our new reverted comrades. We encourage each other, give reminders to those who have a lot of their plate, and pull each other through the rough times. We’re only week 05 and we are turning into an efficient, well-oiled machine. Let’s hope we can keep this up through the coming weeks when it’s going to really count.


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