Victor 189 Recruit Journal Week 07/08

International Maritime Signal Flag Victor

Victor 189 Recruit Journal   Week 07

Formed: May 13, 2014

Graduates: July 03, 2014

Week 07 summary

The end is near and we are hitting our stride. All the days of getting disciplined and yelled at by the CC’s makes the compliments and praise that we are receiving that much better. We have our colors flying to let everyone on the regiment know that we are the senior company. This week we had our final exam, close order drill test, manual of arms test, and our seamanship final. We knocked all of them out of the park, and to know that our company commanders are proud of us means the world to V-189. V-189 also showed excellent devotion to duty on off base liberty as well. We had 04 recruits that were first responders to an accident in which a vehicle turned over. The recruits ran immediately to the scene and called 911 while directing traffic and keeping others calm. They were offered numerous gifts for their actions but they politely declined them all. We also had a group that was able to provide help to an unconscious person and call 911 for help. These actions show the assertiveness of V-189 to serve the public and to live by the coast guard standard. V-189 is now doing everything without being told and having pride while doing it. The actions of V-189 on off base liberty could have possibly saved lives. Even though the end is near, we have to push harder to become better. 04 more days and a wake up, then its graduation time. The moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Victor 189 Graduation Program

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