Alfa 190 Recruit Journal Week 03


Alfa 190 Recruit Journal

Formed: June 24, 2014

Graduates: August 15, 2014


13JUL2014 ALPHA-190 WK03

“The Week of Shame!”

This week was the week to end them all. A cloud of goof still emitting from our collective Company consciousness, and it was immediately noticed. Shipmates were falling asleep in class, doodling in their notebooks and playing the off game of “giggle chat” after hours. Due to our multiple instances of infantile Tomfoolery the Company Commanders came down on us. Hard! We spent the entire week marching with our heads down staring at our “go fasters” (shoes) and chanting “we have no discipline” in cadence and that was just the beginning. Every time we started to crawl from the sewer of shame another shipmate would show disrespect to our new Seamanship Instructor, Petty Officer Ventura, by falling asleep in his class. This was only a select few, as many of us are excited to learn about life underway, but when one or five would fall asleep in a class, all of us would suffer the consequences. Squad leaders are going to disciplinary programs for their Shipmates not knowing how to wear a belt. The whole company sweats for the transgressions of a few, and so on and so forth.

While this discipline for our lack of discipline started turning some of us away (more have either left or are on the verge). There is a reason it was happening. The purpose of weeding some out may be the obvious one (one or two had to laugh at a wall), the hidden wisdom in all of our shoes being tied together or giving us the Sweat Bomb Remedial Insanity is that we are not holding each accountable. We aren’t working as a team. During divine hours on Sunday, after a long week of kicking rocks and being an embarrassment ourselves we were given a spell-out by our Company Commanders: “you guys are a bunch of individuals. You aren’t a team!” It began to sink in.

We had a run with Chief Arseneaux and petty officer Karpf today. It was uplifting turn to the day. Chief Arseneaux told his group about the physical fitness requirements for the challenge in week 08 and petty officer Karpf told an inspiring story about overcoming his own life adversity; he was not supposed to be able to walk and now runs 1.5 miles in 10 minutes. These two men are the examples (two of the five ) that are tasked with TRAINING us. Showing them disrespect hurt us all week. We snoozed and booger-picked to a spiral of shame all week due to these fundamental lack of basic respect.

However, today at the tail end of our disgrace, Chief Arseneaux and petty officer Karpf took us out by the water to see the Cutter that operates out of Cape May, and as the sun slowly made its way to setting we shined our boots as Chief Arseneaux instructed us.

Then when that was completed he had us face the Cutter, “this is your future! This is why your are here!” he stated with conviction. A sudden electricity suddenly bolted into the company and brought us to life! As he told us that week four’s standards are MUCH higher and that anything less would not cut it. We were suddenly sounding off louder than ever. We were suddenly awake for what may be the first time. And when we got back to our squad bays for an evening clean we finally started working together.

A handful still had some trouble. For the majority we had a big baby step in the right direction. By the tiniest skin of the tiniest tooth we move to the half way mark. Battered, missing home and having spent more time staring at our feet than most do in a lifetime, but now in a more determined direction.

Game time, Alpha-190! Week 04! NO SANDBAGGING!

Editor’s Note: This blog post was written by a recruit currently involved in Coast Guard basic training. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this Journal do not necessarily reflect those of Training Center Cape May, the U.S. Coast Guard or the federal government and are the sole opinion of the author. Recruit Journals are written by personnel in a high-stress environment with little time, so please excuse grammar and punctuation in the above article. The staff at Training Center Cape May do not edit the journals in any way, so as to ensure authenticity of the content and messages.