Zulu 189 Recruit Journal Week 04


Zulu 189 Recruit Journal  Week 04

Formed: June 17, 2014

Graduates: August 08, 2014


There is still a real world out there; we saw a glimpse of it this evening before we practiced our manual arms for the regimental parade. We heard the fireworks in the background but everyone was too afraid to look. We have to be statues. A few moments later our company commander came outside and half-left faced us towards them. “Happy 4th of July” he muttered and a fellow shipmate whispered “He does have a heart.” Preparing for the parade was exactly what Zulu-189 needed to grasp the concept that we needed to stay still and really concentrate and work as a team in order to look good.

As week 03 comes to an end the stress is getting higher. We can’t keep making the same mistakes because the punishments are becoming more severe. A lot of our company has experienced RAMP and are warning others that it is no joke.   We are sick of coming back to our squad bays and having our shoes tied in an enormous ball and soap poured all over our sinks and toilet seats.   Fortunately we started seamanship and learned our 5 basic knots. Now it’s fair game. Our training is becoming what seems to us as more practical but we know everything else does serve a purpose too.

Picture day! What a tease. Putting on our dress uniform from the waste up and ordering wallet size and portrait prints. We looked pretty snazzy. We were planning out where we want our company photo taken but reality is, not all of us will be graduating with Zulu-189. Every day it seems we are losing and gaining people from other companies. The females had to move squad bays and it was unbelievable how helpful the males were.

We learn so much each and every day it seems are heads are going to explode, especially since we are all exhausted from working watch and only getting 05 to maybe 06 hours of sleep if we are lucky. However, tonight we got a tiny taste of an evening routine which was nice until our hot showers set off the fire alarm… FIRE FIRE FIRE! But this time we moved fast. Maybe Zulu- 189 finally understands what “Move with a sense of urgency means.”

We have our ups and downs as individuals and as a company. A day here at recruit training center Cape May can go from “Wow we are doing a great job, to what in the heck are we doing”. In a way, that’s what the U.S. Coast Guard is all about. One minute you’re on stand-by not doing much and then the next minute you hear that search and rescue alarm going off. While you were relaxing, someone’s life, at that moment had become dependent on your help, your hands. We know our company commanders have some pretty awesome stories to tell, and we want to hear every one of them, better yet, I think we all want to create and witness some stories of our own.

It’s starting to become a little easier to find humor in things again. Today at evening chow a shipmate was caught looking out the window so our company commanders got creative with their punishment, no tracker, no yelling. He had to stand and look outside and yell everything he saw. Let me tell you it is extremely difficult to drink your two cups of water when a fellow shipmate is screaming “I see bushes!” It was all we could take to not laugh or choke on our food. I bet all of us learned the importance of keeping our eyes in the boat today.


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