Zulu 189 Recruit Journal Week 06


Zulu 189 Recruit Journal Week 06

Formed: June 17, 2014

Graduates: August 08, 2014


We didn’t even make it a full 24 hours with our colors before petty officer Gunther took them from the guidon and made us walk with our hands in our pockets and our heads hanging down. That’s right, I said walk, he didn’t even want to march us. We were disappointed in ourselves. Zulu can’t seem to maintain our military bearing especially when our company commanders aren’t around. I predict that’s going to change fast. We don’t want to permanently lose our colors; I can’t even imagine how terrible that would feel. On a positive note we have started firefighting week; which everyone seems to be enjoying. And the company has been helping dig a pathway for a new track. It’s nice working outside and using our hands, even getting a little dirty. Its going to suck when it comes time for an inspection though because everyone’s boots look like crap. As long as the track looks good maybe they will cut us a little slack.

The word today would be “Travel”; it seems like that was all on our minds. How are we going to get to our station, how many days do I get, how much will it cost? All these questions were Id say; almost answered for us. But the Yeomans here do a great job, coordinating all of our needs with the Coast Guards abilities. Week 06 has started out okay the training is always vigorous for the most part. We are learning about the science of fire and how to fight it. We started today by trying some breathing instruments that fire fighters wear. We will be put to the test by going and fighting a simulation fire! Seems fun. Not a whole lot of that here, so we are all looking forward to it.

The days are starting to fly by. There is just so much to do before we graduate. We are getting our military ID’s, our report dates, and figuring out transportation. Of course we are still training. We have been working extremely hard on manual of arms and of course doing physical fitness. This evening three senior companies had a mile race and Zulu came in close second. Training is becoming a tiny bit more enjoyable but that could change fast. We need to know when things are; and are not appropriate. We can’t lose our focus now, we are so close to graduation but there is always the possibility of reversion. None of us want to be here any longer than we have to. A long hot shower, a good nights sleep, and some junk food sounds pretty good right about now.

Today X-Ray company graduated. I think I speak for everyone when I say every time we see all the recruits reunited with their families it saddens us all. WE have fourteen more days, exactly two weeks left here, we are going into week 07, can you believe it? Week 07! It does not feel like I’ve been here every day for the last almost two months. Tomorrow we get on base liberty. I don’t care where it is, its liberty! Freedom for six hours… never thought that would sound so amazing.

Liberty! Today has truly been the best day of boot camp. Right after morning chow we worked on the track project for 4 or 4 ½ hours. It’s a great team building experience. Not only that but Master Chief Berry gave our company our first pennant! After working so hard this morning we were authorized showers and dressed in an inspection ready operational dress uniform so we could finally have on base liberty. WE will had to march around in tiny formations and of course greet, but having freedom at the exchange and spending the evening at the Harborview Club was a blast. We called our families and friends but we were shooting pool, adding each other on facebook, and sharing funny stories about each others boot camp screw ups. The taste of freedom energized us and will hopefully help everyone get through these last two weeks. Expectations are high and there is no more room for error.

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