Yankee 189 Recruit Journal Week 07


Yankee 189 Recruit Journal Week 07

Formed: June 10, 2014

Graduates: August 01, 2014
“From the East to the West, Yankee Company is the best”

Week 07 was hands down the best week of boot camp Yankee 189 has experienced thus far. In Week 07 Yankee 189 spent a great deal of time demonstrating what we have learned in the short time we have been here as well as participated in some pretty amazing TRACEN traditions.

Yankee 189 showed off our intellect when we took the Seamanship Exam and score collectively high enough to earn the Seamanship pennant. We also took our cumulative open and closed book final exam, which was a true test to see how well we were able to learn and retain information in a high stress environment. The final exam was the only thing standing between us and off base liberty, so needless we were sure to pass the exam. Yankee 189 also had our Manual of Arms and Close Order Drill inspection, which is a pretty impressive series of armed and unarmed maneuvers, with Master Chief Berry. Overall, Yankee 189 did well scoring a 09 out of 10 on both inspections. Soon after our inspection Yankee 189 received the Company Commander pennant because they felt that we finally earned it which meant a lot to all of us because it was almost like they were telling us that they were proud, without saying it of course.

The Munro Mile is a TRACEN Cape May tradition when senior companies race the “Munro Mile” around the regiment and compete for the Physical Fitness pennant. After an incredibly close race Yankee 189 won against the companies our junior and senior, Zulu 189 and X-Ray 189, by only two positions thus winning the Physical Fitness pennant. It was an incredible moment for Yankee because it took the effort of the company to win and we were able to come out on top.

The highlight of our week by far was the Confidence Course because as we arrived our company colors hung at the very end of the course from the top of the rope climb. We cheered our shipmates on as they went through the Confidence Course, and when we finally made it to the end we all climbed as if each one of us had to earn our colors all over again. After the very last person rang the bell at the top of the rope and screamed “Top Side” our lead Company Commander slowly lowered our colors and marched us to the Parade Field. As of now our company colors fly above the parade field signifying that Yankee 189 is the most senior company on the regiment, also meaning Yankee 189 will finally be the next to graduate. But as we have all learned, with seniority comes a great deal of responsibility. All of the other recruits are now watching us because we should know by now how boot camp works and how recruits are expected to behave. As Yankee walked off the regiment unaccompanied for the first time in 07 weeks we were sure to maintain that sense of responsibility making off base liberty a positive and fun evolution.

Yankee 189 Graduation Program

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