Charlie 190 Recruit Journal Week 02




Charlie 190 Recruit Journal Week 02

Formed: July 15, 2014

Graduates: September 05, 2014
C-190     WK 02 Summary

Two weeks down! Charlie-190 has gone from a group of individuals from all over the United States to no longer being the youngest company on the regiment. Week two can best be summed up by incentive training. Charlie-190 certainly took a learning curve and got stronger as a result of the learning curve. We did start to show signs of being a strong company as the week closed. As a reward for sounding off and correcting past mistakes, our company commander took us to the track on Sunday to prepare for our physical fitness test. One of the highlights of the week was marching to pick up our “pieces”. The mile or so march in the hot Cape May sun wasn’t so great, but marching back with our pieces made us feel more a part of the military. That feeling quickly left though as our company commander put us through a new incentive training circuit with them. Playing other incentive training games with our pieces has made us dread hearing the company commanders yelling to grab them. As we said, we have done a lot of incentive training in week 02. The other big bright spot this week came on Saturday when we were introduced to our company mentor. He gave us a break from the shouting and training and gave us some great insights into life in the Coast Guard. We keep being told that life in the fleet is nothing like these eight weeks, but right now that has been hard for some of Charie-190 to remember. Several have left and we have picked a few shipmates up. We came into Cape May with more than 100, but are now at 95. After hours of learning the definition of discipline, one of the myriad of games the company commanders have put us through, Charlie-190 is finally seeming to get the right attitude heading into week 03.

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