Charlie 190 Recruit Journal Week 03


Charlie 190 Recruit Journal Week 03

Formed: July 15, 2014

Graduates: September 05, 2014



WK 03 Summary

SUNDAY! The day every recruit on the regiment looks forward to. After our normal wake up of an ear-piercing, “FIRE, FIRE, FIRE,” Charlie-190 and the all the companies get to somewhat enjoy breakfast and then get 05 hours to catch up on the previous week while prepping for week 04. This past week was full of time in the classroom, which made us happy because it cut our incentive training time short. Charlie-190 started with learning proper techniques of the Maverick Survival suit and how to survive if in the ocean. The next evolution consisted of AET1 Bowe teaching SAFETY I&II, so we should all know how to be safe, should being the key. Aside from the safety classes we learned how to take charge at the helm and tie knots. We also had the privilege of marching in both the graduation and Sunset Parade. Being able to march together like that has brought us together more as a team, not to mention we finally impressed the company commanders which is always a good feeling. Charlie Company is becoming more and more mature as a company with each day, but that needs to continue into week 04 if we want to avoid ever doing the amount of physical training we did the first 03 weeks again. All in all it was a good week with a lot of progress and the coming weeks look to be promising.

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