Zulu 189 Recruit Journal Week 07


Zulu 189 Recruit Journal Week 07

Formed: June 17, 2014

Graduates: August 08, 2014

Week seven, two solid weeks left here in Cape May, things are starting to shift to more administration time. It takes more than we realized to get from basic training to your first station; lots and lots of information being passed back and forth. We need to be sure to get ourselves squared away before we can leave the training center.

Inspection week is upon us. Everyone is making sure we are ready to go out into the fleet. Today we had our dress uniforms inspected and I think we did alright, I mean Ms. Stieffel said we looked better than Yankee which is pretty awesome since they are the most senior company.

We had a good time, like always, in seamanship practicing line handling. All the hands on training is exactly what everyone has been waiting for. Our First Aid and CPR class was very informative especially since soon we will have other people’s lives in our hands. And I know every single one of us wants to be as prepared as possible so that when the time comes, we will know what to do.

We wake up in the morning and go straight to the gym now. Our bodies are starting to naturally wake us up around 4:45 some mornings which is extremely weird since most of us would sleep until 10 or 11 if we could. But overall today was a good day. No major foul ups and we all did pretty well on the seamanship final. The actual basic training final is coming up this Friday. We’ve all been studying like madmen. Today our company commanders hit us with a random question. “What were Douglas Munro’s last words?” Needless to say, nobody knew, I mean hell it’s not in the required knowledge packet.

Another good day, this is weird… we are all on edge just waiting for something terrible to happen. Just when we thought we were about to get screamed at we got another pennant! The seamanship pennant. Our class scored high on our final which I think has a lot to do with our instructor because he always keeps class interesting and enjoyable.

And we did it, we screwed up big time. Zulu hasn’t been reporting to work detail all week and we for some reason we were moving extra slow this morning and wasting our study time, which we NEVER get, so it was completely ridiculous to waste. After chow Chief Hollenbeck asked if we wanted to start the day over and of course everyone yelled at the top of their lungs “Yes Chief Hollenbeck!” So he told us to go lay in our racks and turn the lights off and shut the hatches just like it was time for Taps. Weird as hell laying down at 13:00. Then he “woke us up” by yelling “FIRE, FIRE, FIRE” and we ran outside just like in week 03. Everyone feeling refreshed and pretending we started the day over and did freaking awesome on our manual of arms test 15 minutes later!

After evening chow we practiced for tomorrow graduation and that means at noon we will be the senior company on base! And we will be done with our final which will be a huge relief because they just redesigned it and made it harder so of course Zulu-189 gets to be the test dummies.

Today we are officially the most senior company on the regiment. Yankee is out and Zulu is up next for graduation! Attending the graduations is always tough but this time it was a lot better because nobody else is coming before us!

Everyone passed their final and “recruit” training is over but we are still here on the regiment as recruits. Our company colors are flying on the regimental flag pole and like Chief Hollenbeck said “We own this place”. We put in the time, sweat, blood, and literally tears to get to this point, all we want to do now is bring it home!

Off base liberty was a blast it just went by so quickly. When we got back from it we were hit with a surprise… and not a good one. We had our week 08 evolution because our schedule for next week is all jacked up from Coast Guard day. At least we got it out of the way…

Finally we had our last Sunday divine hours. In church the senior company gets to lead a song and carry on the tradition of screaming “Fire, Fire, Fire!” that we just add in after one of the verses. That was definitely the best part of the day. Now we get to look forward to Coast Guard day! Zulu sure got lucky with our boot camp timing.

Zulu 189 Graduation Program

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