Bravo 190 Recruit Journal Week 05


Bravo 190 Recruit Journal Week 05

Formed: July 08, 2014

Graduates: August 29, 2014


Well that was awful. Week 05, “the week five dive.” For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s a very… special time in recruit training where all of us recruits would like nothing more than to hash it out and move on. The disunity at this point is embarrassing. As of Friday the 7th we are the second most senior company on the regiment and we’re still eating remedials like they’re candy. I only speak this way because I expect so much more than what we’re putting forth. Don’t get me wrong we have improved, for example Wednesday through Friday was all fairly tame because we actually put some elbow grease into things. Within those 03 days great things were happening; we finally got our orders!! Whoop whoop! We started practicing our close order drills (marching) for our test and manual of arms. This may not seem like much but for our company, a gaggle who has been punished for our inability to adapt, anything slightly positive lifts our spirits. Like the confidence course where we made it through physical obstacles and pulled together as a team, cheering on one another; even our company commanders were cheesing. Which made some of us feel sort of uncomfortable if I may add. However it is in these events that we have a habit of sliding back, a momentary relapse if you say so and we lose all military bearing and composure. We pretty much hit the reset button and go back to week 02. We all remember week 02 right? Now it’s time to be looking forward, now is the time to be pushing harder now is the time to come together and face the daunting challenges of week 06. Push it Bravo, we might just earn our colors. Long shot since it looks like the chupacabra stole them. You’ll have to wait till we get home to understand that one.

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